Feb 17, 2016


There used to be days when the combination of colon and right bracket would make the 'happy' smiley and the combination of colon and left bracket would make the 'sad' smiley! These were typically used in the conversation over SMSs. Later on there had been a successful creation of yellow smileys. And now a days, needless to say how many types of smileys or symbols are available in the smart phones! A lot of expressions have been converted into the smileys and more over the skin complexion has been added too! Tremendous creativity it is! 

Innovation is one thing and the application is the actual thing. All of us have been using the smileys for different purposes in various conversations with friends, family, teachers, bosses etc. While some of the applications are too wise, some are too interesting, some are too sarcastic and etc. 

Say nothing;
Use a smiley.
Say something;
Use few smileys.
Say anything;
Use any smiley.

This is how the usage of smileys at the moment. Crazy, intelligent, communicative, seductive and you name it. Nevertheless, they are the way of life, at least the conversation portion of it. While there is nothing wrong in using them, better we use them in full consciousness and by understanding the meaning of them! So that we won't end up appearing sarcastic to our loved ones!Looking forward to get a few more smileys invented in the near future so that we all can have a very happy ride with our conversations!  

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