Feb 24, 2016

What else can be more dangerous than 'politicizing everything'?

It's been long since I've seen a debate or a discussion on national television channels on what's needed by the Indian universities and the students. It seems the schedule of the TV channels is filled with the debates on campus cum central politics, student protests, suicides, property destroying acts and lately the on-campus dustbins! 

Indian educational system has seen radical changes in the recent years in terms of the syllabus considerations, exam pattern modifications, common engineering entrance exam proposal, grading system in some of the state boards, common timetable across all schools in some state boards etc. While I'm thinking that all this is just a beginning, there are a number of incidents coming my way to make me worry if all these initiatives would go in vain! Instead of discussing the faculty and infrastructure needs on the university campuses, what's getting debated in full energy is the on-campus political riots! 

Hundreds of students commit suicides because of the stress and lack of proper guidance. And what we are interested for more than couple of months is about a suicide of a student in an university! The suicide of this person is an important thing to think upon but how come it reaches the electronic media in a different dimension? How come the other hundreds of student suicides are less interested when compared to the suicide of a student? Because the main leaders of all political parties reach out to the university of this particular student? Because the story of the student who has committed suicide had something to do with the member of parliament? May be! Rather, it is so! 

And that's shameful. Absolutely shameful

What else can be more dangerous to the growth of our country, to the future of the universities which have produced unmatchable talents? 

Why that print and electronic media is more interested in spending, which is actually wasting, their time and energy in projecting the ideas of political leaders on university incidents? Why not some of the best educationalists part of the debates on universities and students? Why all the after-all and under graduated politicians cover the show and bark at the camera and anchors with no commonsense?

And why don't they do when the well-educated media personal are encouraging them to do so, giving them a platform to do so?

I don't think the politicians who come and share their opinions or whatever on the national news channels are at fault. Its certainly the hosts of the shows and their management are on a big and wide wrong foot! As many say, anything for TRPs! Anything for their management's political or personal agenda! 

"Politicizing everything" is the right combination of the words as I understand it. Doing which is not good, rather worst! But many people choose to do it and they keep doing it. There is no stopping. No one raises their voice! Never ever by the government because they want to come to power again. Not even the opposition, as they want to come to power too, next time! Educationalists cannot say anything and even if they say, they will not be heard anyway. Students cannot do anything as their video footage can be merged with any hell of the sound and can get telecasted to start yet another debate on a debacle. Parents are more worried about the safety of their children and they strongly wish someone else's children shall come and set everything right. Media will not stop doing this as this is their business. 

So who can do something about this?


Yes. we the viewers can certainly do something about this I believe. Just stop watching the channel telecasting such debates for sometime. You will certainly be shown what you will like to watch. What's shown by the media is what's seen by the viewers. Fortunately or helplessly, media is a lot loyal to their viewers views. So, let's put forward our views and stop watching such nonsensical debates. The TRP will itself come down and so as that media channels. This is not easy to happen in a collective manner but very much achievable if we follow at individual level. Watch something else or just spend some time with family and friends. The channels will start telecasting that's needed by you and society. 

Do not watch TV because you have free time, remote in your hand and sofa in your hall! Do not just watch the nonsensical shows! Do not entertain the TV channels! Also, do not let the TV channels entertain you with their personal or political agenda! Be selective in watching whatever you do. Change has to come. There is no way! 

Please think over and do what appears the best for you, your next generations, the country and this world. 

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