Feb 14, 2016

Yet another stress-buster!

In our fast moving lives, we keep racking up a few of the simple tasks, which do not matter at the given moment but need to be done one day or the other. Lately realised that the more number of such tasks are piled up the more stress level would be added up to our already stressed life of this decade. Taking one by one task and completing a few of them could prove to be a great stress buster amidst of our congested lives. More than doing such tasks, accumulating the determination pills to start taking up the tasks is difficult yet not impossible.

I've tried completing a few of the small yet long pending tasks in the last two days. Believe me, it has given me a refreshing feeling! Now it will become ready for me to take up the so-called tough tasks of my regular life. Wherever is said and done, experiencing this oneself makes you accept it to the core!

You may please try! 

1 comment:

KParthasarathi said...

Well said.Do not put off what you can do conveniently today unless the task has to be evaluated more or simply unworthwhile.
I admire your trait of analysing daily some poinhts that affect our lives and sharing with others.