Mar 20, 2016

Fears and Limits!

Out of all that we read, only few strike a chord in our minds. One such line that struck me this season is this - "The fears that we do not face become our limits". Everyone has some or the other limitation. While limitation is not a mistake, staying back well within the limits without trying to go beyond the possibilities of ours is certainly a mistake. That's more like creating our own limits. The attempts that we fail to make, because of whatever the kind of fears we may have, remain as the limits that we see ourselves never being able to cross. 

How to overcome the limits?

There is a way to identify the limits, Fear, is the factor that makes us know our limits. Facing the fears makes us know the limits that we can actually cross or extend to! That's yet another and the possibly the best way to experience the limitlessness and eventually the limits are overcome. 

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