Mar 18, 2016

India lose and Gayle does it again... #WT20-2016 Post #2

When our favorite strong team losses, we often end up cursing their over confidence. It's not necessarily true always that teams lose because of over confidence. There can be number of other factors which result into defeat, especially in big tournaments. In the recent case of Indian men Cricket team's loss to New Zealand in the opening match of the T20 world cup Super 10 league, there have been a lot of posts on social networking about the "over confident" Indian team. I differ in opinion here.

I'm neither a cricket expert nor a psychiatrist. But  as a player in general, I do understand that there exists a kind of nervousness before every match we play. Something gets to us from within, And as the match goes on, it settles down and lets us play our game. Under any circumstances if the start is on a bit unfavorable note, the nervousness can turn into pressure which can do anything, which can drag anyone to defeat. This is keeping it very general. 

In the very case of Indian team, I guess the first couple of quick wickets have done it all. Ideally, losing two wickets is nothing for a team with the swashbuckling batting line up like India, but these guys lost the game in their minds already. Instead of going for the big shots, they must have tried to slow down the pace of the game, first of all. Once the partnership stabilizes for three to four overs, they could have gone against the bowlers. But on the contrary, the batsmen tried to play poor shots in order to probably take the pressure off! The target was not as huge as what West Indies chased in style against England on day-2, still it appeared high because they were already named the favorites to win the cup! Another important aspect is the home crowd, which can get any great player closer to the reality of nervousness. Collectively, Indian team members failed to execute the plans on that occasion. That's how at least I see it as. I do not think, its anything to do with the over confidence, at least after that warm up match defeat! 

Well, there can be many opinions but the truth is only one, which in this case is the loss. Nonetheless, by looking at the team composition, they must reach to the semi finals. Time will tell! 

Chris Gayle has once again proved that he is the most vulnerable player of the Caribbean cricket at this point of time. Absolutely entertaining and fearless! That's  a wonderful knock by him under pressure. England now will have tough time in the next matches. 

Pakistan has crossed the Bangla-Jinx. They must be preparing themselves for the first win against India in the world cup. Hope this Indian side maintains the record and legacy by winning against Pakistan. Srilanka through with the steady 83 by Dilshan. The inexperienced bowling side is and will be their weakness in this tournament.

Today's tie between Australia and New Zealand, the repeat of the one day world cup finals-2015, will be interesting. Hope we get to see guts and runs! The tribute given to late Martin Crowe before the 1st super 10 match was a thoughtful one indeed. New Zealand must be looking to dedicate to him a win against Australia. Looking forward for the match tonight. 

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