Mar 15, 2016

Its world cup time, yet again! #WT20-2016 Post #1

It's been long since I wrote about a cricket tournament, although here and there I mentioned about a couple of matches. World cup of T20 cricket is one tournament that stuck me this season. Not that I've become crazy once again about cricket. But the fact, that I might not be able to write about a few players ever again after this tournament, makes me put down my thoughts. So, its world cup time, yet again!

There was a time when world cup used to bring a lot of offers along with especially in television market. That trend has now receded and some or the other offer do exist throughout the year as Indians have started watching a few things other than cricket. Relatively, its a quiet start to this year's world Twenty-20. Probably, the so called anti-national issue debates have taken over the media coverage. Well, cricket does not take anytime to be back in news, in India especially. 

Indian team is looking good this time round. They must make it to semi finals. And apart from them, my ever favorite South African team is a composed one too! Ab De villiers is to be looked for in the Safari team. Hoping to see the Safaris through this time, but they have good competition waiting in the likes of India and Australia. Australian cricketers, the one day world cup champions, know how to win in the Indian conditions, so, they will give their hundred percent. Watson is their man, as per me. His innumerable IPL experiences on all Indian pitches must aid the team to devise and  execute the strategies. New Zealand, the one day world cup semifinalists, are unpredictable. The conditions are different in India to the down under but not new though. 

The other sub-continental teams, Pakistan, Srilanka, are struggling with the pre or after-retirement vows. Senior players of Srilankan team retired later to the last world cup. The team composition now is undesirably new. They have a great challenge ahead. Pakistan has some senior players still playing in but except Shahid Afridi, there is none to really rely upon. Afridi too is now in the whirlpool of controversies right before the beginning of the tournament. All that he did was to speak a few good words about the warm welcome he and his teams received on their arrival in India. In fact, that was a very much expected row from Javed Miandad. But since Afridi is not a new bee to all this, he must overcome and live up to the expectations, I guess. 

Bangladesh is a giant killer. They are looking pretty good to go against the giants yet again. The other teams of their group must handle them consciously. I was not following cricket lately much, hence not sure about the West Indies and England teams. Will have to see through the tournament.

All in all, its a close contest as always like any other T20 game. Anyone can win the cup provided some of the best teams lose it on their own! I'm looking forward for an entertaining and less surprising world cup. 

As per my expectations, this might be the last world cup for the following: Yuvraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh, Ashish Nehra, James Watson, Ross Taylor, Lasit Malinga and few others. Hope they perform their best to avoid carrying any regrets. 

Best wishes to all the teams! 

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