Mar 20, 2016

Long distance relationships - Are they weak visibly or really?

They say that no distance can separate the hearts that are bonded together. And at the same time, long distance relationships are seen as the ones that can get the people separated anytime! Is it the distance that matters or is it the mindset of the people involved that actually matters?

Although not every relationship undergoes the test of distance, there are particularly some relationships that do undergo a lot of such. Globalization has affected a lot of aspects of human life and has not left the 'relationship' aspect either. With the increasing demand for independent thinking of women and parity notion, both men and women are opting difficult choices to build their own careers. Predominantly, the choices that the two people involved in a relationship make are the main drivers of the way the relationship progresses. Career path is the reason that largely drives people to make difficult choices to get to a point where they have to stay away from their loved ones. And that's fair enough too!

Now, staying back in the respective places, how the relationship could be maintained? That's of course a question, with a positive answer. The relationships can very well be maintained. Commitment, belief and communication are the important aspects of staying together, at heart if not physically. 

Be it the case with the long distance relationships or of the contemporary ones that we usually see in our neighbourhood, the commitment towards the partner is important. Believing in each other is yet another important virtue. There is no difference in maintaining these two; they can be greatly maintained irrespective of the physical distance between the people involved in a relationship. "Communication" is something that needs special attention in the case of long distance relationships. Of course, it's important in any but there ease of communicating is undeniably high in staying together. And in the long distance case, communicating can be very tricky. You don't see each other, you don't know the facial expressions, you don't know the emotions that the other person is going through etc are some of the facts that make the whole thing a bit more complicated than a normal relationship where people stay together or at least get to meet on regular basis. Mastering the communication is important in successfully maintaining the long distance relationships. It's important that people understand each other's way of communication too, apart from what's being communicated. Being honest in sharing the thoughts and the day to day life's stuff with each other can have huge impact, sometimes noticeably and most of the times unnoticeably. No doubt, commitment and belief play their part in understanding each other. And communicating with each other can have good amount of impact too. 

Well, communicating is not as difficult as it appears. Also not as easy as it appears either. Long distance relationships are not as weak as they are perceived to be. But at the same time, they demand something extra, I.e. in terms of the time, of the people involved, for each other. If people are understanding and matured enough, long distance can at times work actually better. Well, its not societally possible for a longer time though! Long distance relationships are not weak and they need not be, rather they shall not be, seen as weak prospects. At this date, I believe they are visibly weak, and that too in the minds of the people who perceive them as weak ones. 

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