Apr 24, 2016

It's Sunday again!

At times I wonder how quickly time moves. It was on the last Sunday I wrote about Sunday here and it's Sunday, once again. But not a lazy one this time round. 

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Day started with visiting the vegetable market. Many varieties of vegetables were put on for sale in large scale, which I had never seen earlier! Bought fresh green leaf veggies which were not usually fresh otherwise in the colony market. A lot of things inspire us in daily life. And today those green leaf veggies inspired me to take the new zip-covers out of rack to keep the veggies separated out for daily use during the next week. Storing veggies in hot summer is a challenge, even in fridge. They get spoiled so quickly that we need to purchase only the amount that will be enough and not extra. Although dustbin never says no to anything, it feels really bad to throw away the veggies for any reason! All those pictures and saying I see in the social networking sites come to my mind to remind me the fact that there are a few people suffering with hunger and I'm putting the veggies simply in dustbin! That's not done. At times, it just happens. 

My husband and I went to a Kerala restaurant straight from the vegetable market. We ordered plain dosa and something came! And then we ordered set dosa, now what was put on our table made us do something that we never did before! We called the waiter and complained about the taste! The reason he gave us about the dosa batter could have been said to us before having waited for at least twenty minutes! Well, anyway, they did not charge for set dosa and we returned home! 

Busy morning makes the days go active and not lazy. I believe the rest of the day will prove this for me.

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