Apr 17, 2016

Summer Sundays!!!

Summer Sundays are the most lazy Sundays!

Even though we think that it's winter that does not let us go out of bed easily, ultimately it's the summer that makes us helpless to pass a Sunday in the most efficient lazy manner. Normally a Sunday has that potential to let us sleep for longer hours in the morning. Once woken up, hunger gives a call and we eat stomach full. Once eaten, there lies nothing much to do outdoors. Even the window curtains go down to keep the heat outside. The dark room calls for a game of sleep yet again. And playing the game of sleep is the most interesting one to be done on a sunny Sunday! We lie down with probably a smart phone in hand, like I do right now. We keep touching it's screen to find that unknown. Nothing comes out but sleep gets in deeper. Sleep. Sleep. Sleep. Even if we don't sleep literally, all that we do on that day happens in a dizzy way! Cooking, eating, watching movies, and lying down on bed or a sofa, everything happens in an almost dizzy way!!!

It's only the sunday evening that wakes us up to remind the fact that it's going to be Monday the next day. The Monday! That's sufficient to let the dizziness go and make us go sleepless in the night. Obviously, Monday blues take off the next morning. And the week passes on!!!

Summer Sundays are the laziest ones indeed.

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