May 22, 2016

Moive: Brahmostavam

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If only few people can like this movie's script, I'm glad that I'm one of them! Amidst the modern day movies of all types, a movie like this one is important to get released once in a while. To narrate the adorable human relationships. To demonstrate the belief of movie makers. To let the viewers think of their ancestral generations, who probably had only the survival instinct and less egos and less money and less hatred.

Rich production values are the boon to this movie along with Micky J Mayer's that fabulous title bit in the second half.

'Monotonous' is the right word for Mahesh Babu and Samantha's dialogue delivery and expressions. Looks do not work every time. A lot could have been done in a better way but Congratulations to Srikanth Addala for this thoughtful attempt. 

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