Jun 27, 2016

Upset... Take Home #581

Never let upset become a road block on your way to success. Upset is easier to handle than defeat.

Jun 26, 2016

The home grown spinach - PramsPhotography #34

#2015 @Machavaram, Andhra Pradesh, India

Spinach tastes good and is said to be very healthy food. When I saw the spinach plants at my in-laws home, it was the first time I felt like eating the raw Spinach. So fresh they were and charming in a sense. I could not wait before clicking them. Not sure if I will ever get to see such a fresh plantation soon! 

Panorama on the move - PramsPhotography #33

#2015 @Lavasa lake city, Pune, India

I've always been fond of panoramic clicks. They can capture wide views which at times come astonishingly beautiful. Last time I visited Lavasa lake city near Pune, I casually started the panorama view and shot a person moving on a speed boat. I could not believe what I saw when I checked that particular photo in my mobile's gallery! It resulted into the above one and soon I realized that I just found a new feature of the panorama mode! 

Clouds and rains - PramsPhotography #32

#2014 @Trivandrum, Kerala, India

The combination of cloud and rain is an amazing site itself. And if the coconut trees get added to the site, it's fantastic one to be in. Kerala is one such site where the said combination appears every now and then for a few of the times during rainy season. Gripping atmosphere exhilarates. Over of such moments was captured by me couple of years back. Given here is the same picture. 

Air travel - PramsPhotography #31

#2014 Pune - Bangalore - Trivandrum sir travel

Air travel used to make me nervous until I did the travel from Pune to Trivandrum via Bangalore. It was on a fine morning in June I started the journey and reached Trivandrum by 10 am or so. The travel was fully exciting; rather I made it appear exciting to myself by kept on clicking the pictures through the window. Beautiful view outside inspired me to lose the nervousness and gain excitement. Now I feel like going up again and again, to click as well as to enjoy the ride. 

Freethinking is essential!

Being a free thinker is almost impossible as it appears to be to a common mind. But if we are determined enough, nothing is impossible. As its said above, freethinking is not the common state of mind and being common, one cannot achieve or accomplish the uncommon things. We must strive to become freethinkers as much as we can and in as many situations of life as we can. Its indeed essential, for right thinking, for right way of human evolution and for the ultimate survival of mankind. 

Buttermilk processor - PramsPhotography #30

#2015 @Pratap Ghad Fort, Mahabaleshwar, India

In the mid of May, under scorching sun, after climbing a few steps, who does not want to drink cool, tasty buttermilk? At the entrance of Pratap Ghad fort, in Mahabaleshwar, the buttermilk is processed in a very different way. As shown in the picture, they keep pumping the buttermilk with the help of a small pumping machine. By doing that, the butter keep getting formed in the buttermilk. And that adds to the taste! I had never seen such a process before. Not just the buttermilk, Sharbat (flavored cool drink) too was seen being made the same way. Same can be observed on the right side of the picture above!  

The Rock and the Statue - PramsPhotography #29

#2014 @Kanyakumari, Tamilnadu, India

The main tourist attractions in India's southern most city, Kanyakumari, are the Vivekananda rock memorial and the Thiruvalluvar statue which are adjacent to each other. In the broad day light, amidst the blue waters of the oceans, these two appear so beautiful that one feels like being in a completely different part of the world! The boating from the beach to the two monuments is enjoyable too. One must visit this place at least once.  

Ice formations - PramsPhotography #28

#2015 @Home, PCMC, Pune

A result of my laziness turned into the ICE forms in our fridge at home. For an year almost, I did not push that red colored button given for the purpose of clearing ice from the deep fridge. One day I realized that the deep fridge had less space to keep anything as most of it was filled with ice! Then I had to press that button. Apart from cleaning the water that overflowed from the water accumulation tray, I got another yet interesting work at hand. That was to click pictures of the ice formations that remained after a complete day gone after pressing the red button. Pleasingly surprising clicks I got that day are posted here. 

From the cliff - PramsPhotography #27

#2015 @Panchghani, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra

While on our way back from Mahabaleshwar last year, we stopped at a place where a few other tourists had already been assembled. Soon we realized that it was a place in Panchghani, famous for the sunset scene. Clear sky made us find a place at the end of a cliff over there. Scenes from that cliff are here in the photos. Amazing scenery it was. Specially, pictures like these make me want a 3D camera! Hope to get it soon! 

Lavender Cabbage... PramsPhotography #26

#2014 @Home, PCMC - Pune

I bought lavender colored cabbage one day as  I had read in an article in news paper that eating lavender colored vegetables is good for health. While buying it I did not know what else was in store for me. I came home and cut the cabbage into two to cook. That's the moment I realized the beauty I was holding in my hand. Can't forget that moment of pleasure filled surprise. The above is the click from that particular moment. Nature is so beautiful! 

Jun 25, 2016

The 'Answer'... Take Home #580

Even though we think we know the answer the other person got to give to the questions we have, it's wise to still put forward the questions for discussion. Couple of advantages to it; one, we get to know if the answer that we think we know is right in the first place or not; and two, we get to understand how the answer can be conveyed if at all we need to give similar kind of answer to anybody else in similar situations later. 

Discussions are important. Putting forward the questions is important. Also, its important not lose temper during the discussions to get maximum out of them.

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Jun 15, 2016

The Fern - PramsPhotography #26

#2015 @Mahabaleshwar hill station, Maharashtra

It was in mid summer we visited Mahabaleshwar hill station. The picture posted here was clicked in a strawberry field. The plant as I understood from my dad was a 'Fern'. How green it wad in the mid summer; I was surprised pleasingly. Its amazing how nature treats the plants in this wonderful hill station. A must visit place it is. 

Jun 12, 2016

Beat the postponement tendency!

Image result for laziness

The best way to stop postponing is to STOP postponing and start DOING. 

It's easy to list out the tasks to be done, as easy as taking a pen and start writing. It's easy to plan, as easy as keeping the target dates in an ascending order, task after task. It's difficult, very difficult as it appears when it's time to execute the plan. The pseudo-buffer, that always exists somehow, assures us relaxation time. Because of which postponing becomes as easy as putting a brick down. And then on on fine day, the 'new' task of catching up with all the pending tasks automatically climbs up the ladder and swivels the whole ladder in such a way that we become helpless to choose which task to be done on priority now! Well, somehow the one-day batting and firefighting skills that we acquired during the college life come to our rescue in completing the formality finally! 

The fresh cycle of the above begins in no time, despite being determined 'not to postpone' any task right after the completion of every cycle!

For a moment, let's see how an ideal task cycle looks like! We list out. We plan. We do. And we start the cycle afresh! How simple! Yet how difficult we perceive it to be! What we can do that we can survive the postponement tendency? 

Stop postponing and start doing.

That's it?  Yes, that's all. But that's not as easy as postponing. It's as difficult as doing. Nonetheless, it's important. It's necessary. We must beat the postponement tendency to achieve big in life. Of course, a conscious and calculative postponement results into success too. But that happens occasionally. We must win over the temptation of postponing. For that, we must help ourselves by pushing ourselves to the corner and do things on time; as quick as we can. This cannot happen over the night. But can be improved over a period of time and can beat the postponement tendency one day once for all. Regularly writing down and analyzing the percentage of task postponement reduction over a period of time can be a good motivator. I've started doing it already. You may try too! I'm sure, while we are determined to beat postponement tendency and start executing the plan to do so, we will come across new techniques to do it in an easy way! Hoping to get there soon! 

Talk positive... Take Home #578

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When we talk negative, we lose peace of mind and along with it a piece of mind is lost too! Talk positive or keep quiet. 

Jun 10, 2016

Trains and railway rails - PramsPhotography #25

#2014 in between Trivandrum and Pune, India

Train crosses all boarders yet the railway railings do not cross each other, I mean the two on which a train runs, barring the never-understandable jig jag crossings at the railway junctions. Clicking the train from the train is fun. The curves, the passing trains, the stones, the electric polls and so on get captured along with the train that we click from! 

Monkey on the top - PramsPhotography #24

#2016 @Bhimashankar Jyothirlinga Temple, Maharashtra

Kids do all different sorts of things when guests are around! And monkeys do all different sorts of thins when tourists are around! I've come across a few times the monkeys in tourist places and they do all crazy things; one out of such is the way the monkey has sit on the top of this temple. It stayed there for a real long time that I could not wait there anymore to see it coming down! 

Jun 8, 2016

Gaze the opportunities!

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Because people do not value what you do, do not let an opportunity go unattended. Opportunities are important for us, than the opinions of people around us. Basically, people keep changing. Opinions keep changing. But what we learn while reciprocating to an opportunity stays with us forever and helps us at different points of time thereafter.

Let's gaze the opportunities in what we do. I believe, opportunities lie in the task we do. Doing what we are doing in a sincere manner let's the new opportunities find us. And converting then into stepping stones to success is fully in our hands!

Never mind... Take Home #577

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People say things in the way they are not supposed to be said is either because of envy or ignorance! None of the both qualifies to either motivate or demotivated you. Never mind, be it an appreciation or criticism.

Jun 7, 2016

Difficulties...Take Home #576

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Difficulties are inevitable, whatever we may choose to do. Choose your options not based on difficulties you may have to face, rather choose them based on the contribution you will get to make.