Jun 12, 2016

Beat the postponement tendency!

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The best way to stop postponing is to STOP postponing and start DOING. 

It's easy to list out the tasks to be done, as easy as taking a pen and start writing. It's easy to plan, as easy as keeping the target dates in an ascending order, task after task. It's difficult, very difficult as it appears when it's time to execute the plan. The pseudo-buffer, that always exists somehow, assures us relaxation time. Because of which postponing becomes as easy as putting a brick down. And then on on fine day, the 'new' task of catching up with all the pending tasks automatically climbs up the ladder and swivels the whole ladder in such a way that we become helpless to choose which task to be done on priority now! Well, somehow the one-day batting and firefighting skills that we acquired during the college life come to our rescue in completing the formality finally! 

The fresh cycle of the above begins in no time, despite being determined 'not to postpone' any task right after the completion of every cycle!

For a moment, let's see how an ideal task cycle looks like! We list out. We plan. We do. And we start the cycle afresh! How simple! Yet how difficult we perceive it to be! What we can do that we can survive the postponement tendency? 

Stop postponing and start doing.

That's it?  Yes, that's all. But that's not as easy as postponing. It's as difficult as doing. Nonetheless, it's important. It's necessary. We must beat the postponement tendency to achieve big in life. Of course, a conscious and calculative postponement results into success too. But that happens occasionally. We must win over the temptation of postponing. For that, we must help ourselves by pushing ourselves to the corner and do things on time; as quick as we can. This cannot happen over the night. But can be improved over a period of time and can beat the postponement tendency one day once for all. Regularly writing down and analyzing the percentage of task postponement reduction over a period of time can be a good motivator. I've started doing it already. You may try too! I'm sure, while we are determined to beat postponement tendency and start executing the plan to do so, we will come across new techniques to do it in an easy way! Hoping to get there soon! 

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