Jun 26, 2016

Buttermilk processor - PramsPhotography #30

#2015 @Pratap Ghad Fort, Mahabaleshwar, India

In the mid of May, under scorching sun, after climbing a few steps, who does not want to drink cool, tasty buttermilk? At the entrance of Pratap Ghad fort, in Mahabaleshwar, the buttermilk is processed in a very different way. As shown in the picture, they keep pumping the buttermilk with the help of a small pumping machine. By doing that, the butter keep getting formed in the buttermilk. And that adds to the taste! I had never seen such a process before. Not just the buttermilk, Sharbat (flavored cool drink) too was seen being made the same way. Same can be observed on the right side of the picture above!  

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