Jun 26, 2016

Ice formations - PramsPhotography #28

#2015 @Home, PCMC, Pune

A result of my laziness turned into the ICE forms in our fridge at home. For an year almost, I did not push that red colored button given for the purpose of clearing ice from the deep fridge. One day I realized that the deep fridge had less space to keep anything as most of it was filled with ice! Then I had to press that button. Apart from cleaning the water that overflowed from the water accumulation tray, I got another yet interesting work at hand. That was to click pictures of the ice formations that remained after a complete day gone after pressing the red button. Pleasingly surprising clicks I got that day are posted here. 


razzat said...

nice blog.

David Lynne said...

Wow, Ice formations is looking nice.But still i not see this real nature Ice formations in my life time.I want get a chance to see this kind of interesting things.