Jul 13, 2016

Coins thrown away! - @Isha Yoga Center #3

Coins are usually never thrown away, especially rupee coins. They are kept in the pockets, hand bags, and if they are too many, they are accumulated and kept at one place at home. On the contrary, in India, at some holistic places the coins are thrown as if they are not made to be kept with. Rather, they are thrown as if they are made to go down the waters! By the way, coins are usually thrown in waters.

Holy rivers and holy waters are the spots to see the coins thrown in large number. Last year we had been to Mahabaleshwar. Over there, at the Krishna river starting point as they say, water is seen flowing out of the mouth of Nandi. The water is collected in a square shaped small construction and from there probably they are sent out! In the square shaped water collection point, I saw people throwing a few coins, a few in number! I wonder what must be happening to the coins thrown in the water everyday, after the tourists are left. I obviously don't wonder about the coins thrown into the waters of Hussein Sagar, Hyderabad.

Here at the Isha yoga center, there is beautiful pond with a few lotus flowers of white, pink, lavender etc colours. I saw few people carrying the culture, of throwing coins,  from the so called holy waters to the waters of the pond at the Isha Yoga Center. I could see the coins that were successfully thrown into the lotus leaves floating over the pond and no need to guess what must have happened to the rest of the coins which failed to make it there. Whatsoever, some of the coins must have inhumanly hit the fishes in the pond! Who cares! Everyone wants to try their hand at something the result of which is majorly anticipated, minutely perceived and never seen!

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