Jul 14, 2016

Escape to an unfamiliar place - @Isha Yoga Center #5

Once in an year, we must escape to a place which we are not familiar with and also where no one knows us. By doing that, we give ourselves a few chances to let the life happen in and around us in a very different way.

The place where no one knows us is the place where we can be ourselves truly and completely. Also that's the place to try never-before things with ourselves, which otherwise get shelved everytime we think of doing them, because of whatever the reason! Basically, we can experiment with ourselves effortlessly. The results can be analysed being unbiased. And thereafter, certain things can be adapted to, with confidence and experience.

The place which we are not familiar with is the place to explore. Explore the 'unknown'. Discovering what's in and around is one easy thing we can do. Apart from that, exploring a new place, by just wandering aimlessly, at times gives us a complete different perspective of 'traveling'. The cultures, including the way people handle people and cattle, we come across while wandering around let us know the innumerable possibilities of handling the living beings, in respect, in anonymity, in love. That's an experience to go through to understand in a better way and also to realise the essence of social living.

Try at least once in a while to escape to an unfamiliar place. Believe me, you will only gain experience and lose literally NOTHING valuable, including time. The experience that you gain could let you experience a few other things, people, surroundings, in your familiar place in an unfamiliar way! If reading a book can change the way mind cells interact with each other, as now proven scientifically, traveling to a new place and staying for a while definitely can have bigger impact. I'm looking forward to do it again and again, whenever I get time and opportunity.

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