Jul 15, 2016

"Namaskaram" - The Indian way of greeting- @Isha Yoga Center #6

Every culture has something unique in itself. So as the Indian.

When people come across, greeting each other is undeniably important. It gives each other a feeling of being bonded, in some way or other. Every time it's done, it enhances the relationship between the two people in a nourishing way! Greeting each other can be done in a few possible ways. A simple smile is an informal way. Adding some kind of a physical gesture to it is being formal. Either informal or formal way of getting is one's choice. Different geographic regions, based on their ancestral habits, have adopted different physical gestures to greet each other, while the smile stayed common among all.
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The Indian way of greeting is by uttering  "Namaskaram" word with head bowed slightly, both the palms meeting and facing each other in front of chest. Not in front of face, like the way politicians do! There have been many reasons quoted as the advantages of this way of greeting. While I believe them, as far as I'm concerned, everything could have an advantage if only can be perceived.

At the Isha Yoga Center, "Namaskaram" is the regular way people greet each other. Does not matter if you are an Indian or  foreigner. Over the past few days of my stay here I saw a few times when people greet each other. Particularly today, while I was walking down from the cottages, I saw two foreign nationals come across each other. I, based on my previous experiences, was imaging a big hug between the ladies. Interestingly, they greeted each other with a broad smile and "Namaskaram". That was the moment I realized once again that, the importance of the place that we are in, the important of the circumstances around us, the importance of the way people around us is invaluable and immeasurable in the way we behave, we live, and we perceive.

Being conscious in what we do is being great. When the surroundings enhance the consciousness in us, it only adds to the bliss.

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