Jul 13, 2016

Pollution-free in-campus transport - @Isha Yoga Center #2

The vehicles used inside the Isha yoga center for in-campus transport of material, guests, luggage and residents are purely electric ones. They make no sound absolutely. They include two wheeler, three wheeler autos, three wheeler transport vans etc. Important ones to be noted are the bicycles. A few cycle stands are available for inmates to park the cycles once they are done with moving around.

This culture of using electric vehicles and bicycles is important to be adopted everywhere possible, amidst the growing pollution and hence the threat to the human species on earth. Keeping the environment clean to the possible extent is important not just for the ongoing generations but also for the generations to come. Acknowledging this is appreciable and those who do this must be encouraged in all possible ways.

Another interesting thing is that the electric vehicles used to transport guests and luggage is mostly seen driven by women. They do it with a smile that makes you feel like doing their job at least once! Not many end up doing though, I'm not an exception either.

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