Jul 13, 2016

Staying on the mountains' side - @Isha Yoga Center #1

Being a 'Puneite', mountains are not new to me. But these mountains are a bit different. They are the Velliangiri foothills, 30 km away from Coimbatore city. They are part of the Western Ghats of India, look amazingly beautiful and breathtakingly serene. When the clouds pass on top of them is the scene one must at least witness once live. One can observe the rain coming over the mountains and that can be one of the memorable moments with the mountains.

Rain ensures a green carpet over them. Broad sun light makes them shine. Moon light highlights their curvature with the background of night sky. Sunrise and sunset, mesmerizing indeed from anywhere, mesmerize from up above them too.

They stand tall to the passing wind, making it go a whirlpool at their foot. Whereas the gentle breeze is soothing, the whirlpool of wind all of a sudden can storm through anything coming it's way. Yet, adorable. The complete night went with a storming wind, with no fan and no lights inside the room we stayed, the incessant sounds of the wind could be heard in every bit of clarity. Awesome they sounded, though fearsome in some ways at times.

As the whirlpool continued, the next day morning when I stepped out into the corridor, I observed couple interesting things. One, when I looked at the mountains, the trees on top of the mountains made no moment amidst the heavy wind that had been trying it's best to displace the big trees next to our cottage. Two, when I looked at the sky, there was absolutely no moment in the clouds up there. Usually in Pune, when I look up to sky on a windy day, the clouds would move here and there, generally in the direction of the wind. It used to feel as if I was sending some clouds to my friends and family stayed away. Now, it's surprised me when the clouds did not move a bit despite of the heavy wind! Interesting! Well, the reason was that they were at a particular height that the wind could not impact. So was the case with the trees on the hill top.

While the reason is simple, observing all this is not. Observation is one of the best teachers. Observing the nature, which is again one of the best teachers, can make us learn rather realise how beautifully life happens within and around us.

Going a bit more spiritual or philosophical, staying right next to the mountains is a bliss. Whatever happens in daily life, mountains stand the way they have always been, to let us know that certain things in life do not change quickly. That certain things can be ever beautiful and ever relaxing. Amazing simply.

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