Aug 29, 2016

Professional... Take Home #590

One may or may not be a professional sports person. But having sportive spirit turns one truly professional in whichever the filed he or she is in. 


Aug 23, 2016

Rio games have not yet ended for Indian media, electronic & print and the latest 'social' - Rio2016 #8

For the first time ever in the Olympic history, 119 Indian players got qualified for this year's Olympics at Rio. Considering the performance of Indian athletes in London games, expectations about the medals was raised, mainly by the media within the country. While everyone expected India to enter the medals tally within first few days, Indian athletes, despite of all efforts could not see India through until Sakshi Malik won a bronze in wrestling. By the time the news about her medal reach every corner of India, another medal was confirmed by P.V.Sindhu in women badminton singles. Eventually she won a silver medal after fighting hard against the world number one, Carolina Marin. Marin's inspiring performance of last two years made it clear to me that she deserved to win the Olympic gold. And she won it, fighting back from the loss of first game in the final. That was yet another champion play by her, known as 'Girl Nadal' in Spain. 

Congratulations and thanks to Sakshi and Sindhu for putting India in the medal tally at last. As per the statistics, India secured 67th place overall in the tally, down by 12 ranks compared to 2012 Olympics. Two women, Mary Kom and Saina Nehwal, won bronze medals last time and now two more women have won medals. India, I mean, electronic & print media and also the social media is going crazy celebrating the win of women this time round, and the reason makes me thoughtful. Women won last time too but men won medals too. This time, no man has won a medal for India and both the medals are won by women! While this is being quoted as the main reason for celebrating with high intensity and to say "Beti Khilao", its important to validate the reason itself I believe.

Back in 2000 Olympics, Karanam Malleswari won the lone medal for India. Then the media did not cover as much as it is doing this time round. Social media was not present at all in those times so there were no way the story would do rounds and rounds. Malleswari was a woman and had 'Beti Khilao' been said and practiced, today we would have been celebrating the success of a few more women in the Olympics. Somehow, "Beti bachao; beti padhao" campaign started later and now 'Beti khilao' is being said with grand rhyming. And as everyone is busy saying that, the Rio games have not yet ended for Indian media, electronic & Print and the latest 'social'.

Now that women have won the medals, everyone is saying that women must be encouraged to participate in sports. No doubt it helps. At the same time, its extremely important to recognize the fact that encouraging women to excel in the field they choose makes them come out succeeding in their respective fields. Sport is indeed the most loved by masses, and that cannot precede the love women have for the fields they choose, whatever the field may be. 

Aug 22, 2016

Against all the odds - Rio2016 #7

Yesterday, I watched a video about a female Olympian. She said she had been diagnosed with a rare disease after she got qualified for Rio Olympics. She said that initially it took her a lot of time to get back to think about Olympics. She finally decided to participate in Olympics nevertheless. And the reason for her decision of participating in Olympics was simple and inspiring. She said, "I have come to Rio to take part in Olympics because I have qualified to be here". With a great sense of responsibility she has taken part in the games. Her story moved me to the core. Small to small diseases  move me to tears at times and distract me to dumb at times. Here I was looking at a woman participating in Olympics against all odds! I was inspired by what she said. Absolutely respectful. I wish her all the best to come out healthy and even more stronger in the due course of time. 

Image result for against all the odds

Against all odds
For the love of the games
Olympians do every bit 
To fulfill their own dreams
Dreams of them by their dearies
Some succeed, some fail
Nevertheless they play
For the love of the games
Against all odds

Aug 14, 2016

Appreciation... Take Home #589

Appreciation is good in many ways. But one wrong way of handling it can reverse-play all its advantages.

Aug 13, 2016

Every player has a story - Rio2016 #6

The world is aware, or may be not
Every player has a story.
Belief is bestowed, or may be not
Every player has a story.
Highly regarded, or may be not
Every player has a story.
Rewarded deservingly, or may be not,
Every player has a story.
Supported and loved, or may be not,
Every player has a story.
Nurtured unconditionally, or may be not,
Every player has a story.

Image result for player symbol

Name taken to every street, or may be not,
Every player has a story.
Injuries are understood, or may be not,
Every player has a story.
Claimed as dependable, or may be not,
Every player has a story.
Ruined to rubble after a loss, or may be not,
Every player has a story.
Pulled to glory after a win, or may be not,
Every player has a story.
Remembered in time, or may be not,
Every player has a story.

Every player has a story
Every story deserves courtesy
Every courtesy shall be bestowed
On the player, on the story
In their misery, in their glory
Not because they have a story
Because dealing with any story,
Is not easy; is never easy. 

The best reference is our own story.

Age is just a number and sport cannot defeat it... Rio2016 #5

For a Grand slam-tennis-follower like me, finals happening and results emerging in barely 4-5 days time reveals a new definition of 'brisk'. A day before, I watched Nadal playing men's singles pre-quarter final match and today I read that he and his partner had won a medal in men's doubles, that too a Gold. Great to know that about the champion player whom I longed to see smiling his heart out. On the podium with his partner and with the gold, he glittered in all smiles. Wonderful moment it was for him for sure and for me for sure too. It's not easy to see your favorite players not entering the play field for months, missing championships, have to pull off in between the tournaments due to injuries and so on. Good to see Rafa back to form and most important back to the Olympic podium. Wishing him all the best to win yet another Gold in Men's singles.

Sania Mirza and Rohan Bopanna are due to play one more match before they play their dream finals. Looking in good coordination on the field, they must make it to the finals I think. Best wishes for the next match. Sania Nehwal and Sindhu are thorough to their next round and hope they will continue their run until they get a medal each. It's all over, for Rio of course, for Jwala Gutta and Ashwini Ponnappa. The most-talked-about pair must not part ways after this loss. They make a good combination. Looking forward for Srikanth Kidambi's play. Indeed Badminton is a medal prospect for India, hope it proves so too.

I want to watch Dipa Karmakar's finals tomorrow. Hope I will be able to watch, huge time difference is taking its toll a few times this time round. While it could look easy but it's not actually easy to stand out in the list of  finalists, and that too in Gymnastics. Hope "Prudunova" will give India it's first Olympic medal in Gymnastics. Best wishes to her and her team.

Having been known as an yet another medal prospect for India, shooting event has sheerly disappointed at Rio. It was one of the unexpected performances ever. So is there case with Archery. But I believe Athletes have practiced their best and to perform their best in the given moment, a lot needs to be worked upon them in terms of handling pressure and performing-in-the-moment. Their coaches have a big job to do.

Men's hockey team has done well so far. Defense needs to rise their game to the medal-level I think. Marry Kom is being missed a lot at the Rio, and I hope Vikas Krishnan does it this time round. Athletics have just started and I'm looking forward for that men's 100 m finals and women 4*400 m relay, my favorite ever.

Image result for kristin armstrong olympics

Can't end this post without mentioning about this cyclist. Special wishes to Kristen Armstrong for her hat-trick gold at the games in cycling. Her incredible story is a must read for every person, every woman, every mother especially. What she has done at the age of 42 once again proves that age is just a number and sport can not defeat it. Hearty congratulations to her. And I thank her for this inspiration.

Aug 11, 2016

Education... Take Home #588

Education is less about what we study and more about what we learn.

Aug 10, 2016

Nadal, Phelps, Bindra, Dipa and more! - Rio2016 #4

Olympics have kept showing route back to home to the top seeded players in tennis. Now the women world number one has to go!  Serena Williams lost it too! Surprised to see her losing, but again, losing is a part and parcel of the games people play. It will be an interesting final in the women's singles. Anyway, all these so called upsets do not bother me as long as Nadal keeps going. Waiting to see him coming back onto the Olympic podium; but that's a long way to go still.

Congratulations to Phelps for the 21st medal and the record, which will have to wait perhaps for a long time to get broken! America is leading the swelling pool! However, it's not good to see the top American players commenting Russian swimmers on doping row. It's a clear disrespect shown towards the tribunal that allowed the Russian players into the games.

I watched the replay of Athanu Das' 1/32 and 1/16 elimination rounds in men's individual archery event. Loved the four full and 'ten' arrows from him. Looking forward to him for successfully completing the next rounds. Also watched men's hockey - India vs Argentina. The way Argentineans fought towards the end was simply superb. Indian defence did not let the unfortunate happen. Very logically played, especially the last few minutes.

Dipa Karmakar's name is all around the social networking sites and news papers. Should have waited for her performance in finals before going onto all appreciation. While it's undeniable that she made her coach and many more proud, I believe she has a noble task at hand now and that's to perform her best in the finals, and hence to give a successful end to the hard work done for so many years. Let's see what's in store!

Eagerly waiting to see an Indian player stepping onto the podium. By the way, Abhinav Bindra secured fourth place in men's 10 m air-rifle final and a permanent spot in the hearts of many by saying that "Someone had to come fourth and it was my turn today". What a simple thinking! Always admired his body language, be it while standing on the podium as a winner or while answering the questions from media personal after a heart wrenching loss! Soft-spoken yet very straightforwardly meant. A lot to learn from! Will be missing to see him competing.

Aug 8, 2016

Inspiration - Take Home #587

Not just to succeed, inspiration is required to handle failures too.

Upsets and injuries! - Rio2016 #3

Though it's being called as an 'upset' by the tennis fraternity, I'm not upset but stunned to know that the current world number one player in men's tennis, Novak Djokovic, has lost his first round at Olympics to Martin Del Potro. Novac will have to wait for another four years! Actually, that's grueling Olympics can be. You practice for years to perform for few hours at Olympics, minutes and seconds in case of some sports, and you fail to walk upto the podium, and you have to wait practicing for yet another four years by being absolutely unsure of what's in store! But that's the reality. It's true with any form of the sport on any given platform. Olympics being hailed as the world's biggest platform for sports, some though, a loss is more than a loss. A defeat can be next to none. Coming back to tennis, Williams sisters' early loss in women doubles was unexpected too! Well, perceptually one's loss is another's chance. Life is too relative, you know!

Looking forward to see Nadal utilizing the chance and so is expected with Sania and co. Leander and his forced-doubles-partner had played a lot off the court and could not pay well on the court. Anyway, nothing much was expected from them, sadly, as their integrity as a team was just not enough if I may say so.

After two days of Olympic play, I woke up to a good news about Indian players and that's about our woman gymnast, Deepa Karmakar. Wishing her all the best to perform her best in the finals. Archers and shooters, so far, have clearly disappointed! Waiting to know about Bindra and Narang.

Injuries play an important role in any player's career. Or I must say 'fitness'! Very bad to know about the two gymnasts who got injured during their performances. Gymnastics to me appear as more of an art form than a sport form. I'm no one to conclude so though! Yet, they are one of the most entertaining events.

That's it for now.

Aug 7, 2016

Happy friendship day!

In the moments of joy
In the moments of sorrow
In the moments of silence
In the moments of noise
As I remember the times we spent
Tears rollout, at times, yet I celebrate.

Times we spent together
Stay as the best forever.
Times we spent for each other
Never they will return no matter.
Times we spent being naughties
Remain as the sweet memories.

We now may be are at a distance
Separated by the boundaries of miles
Boundless is our friendship
Always will continue to be our flagship
Feel like missing you deeply every moment
Yet, memories of you turns it exuberant.

Aug 6, 2016

The games begin - Rio2016 #2

Image result for rio olympics opening ceremony

The wait is over. The Olympic games begin at Rio De Janeiro

The next fifteen days will be the time to watch inspiring sport performances. For a sport lover like me, its more than a fest! Players from over 200 countries are going to take part in the world's biggest sport event; needless to say about the competition. Every player will like to do his or her best and I wish each one of them all the very best, first to perform and then to walk up the podium. 

One of my favorite players, Abhinav Bindra, has been the flag bearer for the Indian squad at the parade. Proud moment for him and his team. Looking forward to see him performing his best and the best once again! While every player is not a medal prospect, every player is indeed an inspiration-prospect. Everyone has a story. Wish they will live their dreams in the next two weeks. 

Congratulations to Leander paes for setting up the record for being an Olympian for the seventh time. Hope he will give his best! Looking forward to see India going high in the medals table. 

Felt happy to see Rafael Nadal back and being Spain's flag bearer. Have been missing his quite for a while now. Hope he will go for the gold once again! 

I'm particularly waiting to watch few champion players who have been consistent since last couple of Olympics. Will wait and see what this Olympics have in store, for the players and me too in the form of inspiration. 

Congratulating Rio and Brazil for the beautiful opening ceremony. Wishing all the best for the successful run of the games. 

Walk and drive, in rain!

A walk to remember
Is the walk you do consciously.

A walk to remember
Is the walk you do willingly.

A walk to remember 
Is the walk you do aimlessly.

Wander and wander, in rain, once in a while
And you realize another perspective of walking 

Drive in rain
Just because its raining.

Drive in rain
Just because you wish to.

Drive in rain
Just because you love it.

Drive and drive, in rain, once in a while
And you realize another perspective of driving! 

Aug 2, 2016

Make memories!

It feels as if these few sentences have spoken my mind. Memories are the best pals at which we can look, at any point of time. They bring back the emotions and by doing that they actually make us live the past moments for a while once again. Making as many memories as we can in this one precious life is the ultimate goal we must strive to achieve. And the best way to make memories is to escape to a new place, whenever we can. By doing that, we make experientially strong memories and hence they stay with us until we exist. Money is required to travel to places. Making money that's required to live and travel is sufficient rather than making money that's insufficient to let us experience life. Also, yet another way to have the most successful vacation apart from visiting home is to travel to a new place! Try once!

Aug 1, 2016

Winning games and hearts! - Rio2016 #1

Although a win cannot be correlated with success, and whatever is said and done, winning is necessary if not important. Playing to win is necessary too, by being fair of course. Winning games and winning hearts are indeed different aspects, but one must understand that what needs to be done to win games and hearts is the same. At times, hearts are won along with the games and at times, only hearts are won! While records show the games that are won, history preserves the way hearts are won. Success can be perceived from the performances that win games. Success can also be perceived from the performances that win hearts. Success is probably the biggest perception everyone of us deal with every day, every moment. Hence no one need to play differently to win games and hearts.

Be fair. Give the best. Accept the result. Winning games and hearts is something keeps playing hide and seek with players. Being sportive and enjoying the soul of the sport is the most wonderful thing a player can experience.

Image result for rio olympics

Wishing the Indian Olympic contingent all the very best for the Rio Olympics 2016. Will be closely following the games and looking forward for inspiring performances not just from the Indians but from all the Olympians out there in Rio.