Aug 22, 2016

Against all the odds - Rio2016 #7

Yesterday, I watched a video about a female Olympian. She said she had been diagnosed with a rare disease after she got qualified for Rio Olympics. She said that initially it took her a lot of time to get back to think about Olympics. She finally decided to participate in Olympics nevertheless. And the reason for her decision of participating in Olympics was simple and inspiring. She said, "I have come to Rio to take part in Olympics because I have qualified to be here". With a great sense of responsibility she has taken part in the games. Her story moved me to the core. Small to small diseases  move me to tears at times and distract me to dumb at times. Here I was looking at a woman participating in Olympics against all odds! I was inspired by what she said. Absolutely respectful. I wish her all the best to come out healthy and even more stronger in the due course of time. 

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Against all odds
For the love of the games
Olympians do every bit 
To fulfill their own dreams
Dreams of them by their dearies
Some succeed, some fail
Nevertheless they play
For the love of the games
Against all odds

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KParthasarathi said...

A very touching incident.Such persons, motivated to perform despite all odds, are hard to come by.Their grit and determination should inspire all the youngsters not to shy away from commitments at the slightest hurdle.