Aug 2, 2016

Make memories!

It feels as if these few sentences have spoken my mind. Memories are the best pals at which we can look, at any point of time. They bring back the emotions and by doing that they actually make us live the past moments for a while once again. Making as many memories as we can in this one precious life is the ultimate goal we must strive to achieve. And the best way to make memories is to escape to a new place, whenever we can. By doing that, we make experientially strong memories and hence they stay with us until we exist. Money is required to travel to places. Making money that's required to live and travel is sufficient rather than making money that's insufficient to let us experience life. Also, yet another way to have the most successful vacation apart from visiting home is to travel to a new place! Try once!

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Siddhesh Kabe said...

This is good. That reminds me to apply for the next leave!!!