Aug 10, 2016

Nadal, Phelps, Bindra, Dipa and more! - Rio2016 #4

Olympics have kept showing route back to home to the top seeded players in tennis. Now the women world number one has to go!  Serena Williams lost it too! Surprised to see her losing, but again, losing is a part and parcel of the games people play. It will be an interesting final in the women's singles. Anyway, all these so called upsets do not bother me as long as Nadal keeps going. Waiting to see him coming back onto the Olympic podium; but that's a long way to go still.

Congratulations to Phelps for the 21st medal and the record, which will have to wait perhaps for a long time to get broken! America is leading the swelling pool! However, it's not good to see the top American players commenting Russian swimmers on doping row. It's a clear disrespect shown towards the tribunal that allowed the Russian players into the games.

I watched the replay of Athanu Das' 1/32 and 1/16 elimination rounds in men's individual archery event. Loved the four full and 'ten' arrows from him. Looking forward to him for successfully completing the next rounds. Also watched men's hockey - India vs Argentina. The way Argentineans fought towards the end was simply superb. Indian defence did not let the unfortunate happen. Very logically played, especially the last few minutes.

Dipa Karmakar's name is all around the social networking sites and news papers. Should have waited for her performance in finals before going onto all appreciation. While it's undeniable that she made her coach and many more proud, I believe she has a noble task at hand now and that's to perform her best in the finals, and hence to give a successful end to the hard work done for so many years. Let's see what's in store!

Eagerly waiting to see an Indian player stepping onto the podium. By the way, Abhinav Bindra secured fourth place in men's 10 m air-rifle final and a permanent spot in the hearts of many by saying that "Someone had to come fourth and it was my turn today". What a simple thinking! Always admired his body language, be it while standing on the podium as a winner or while answering the questions from media personal after a heart wrenching loss! Soft-spoken yet very straightforwardly meant. A lot to learn from! Will be missing to see him competing.