Aug 23, 2016

Rio games have not yet ended for Indian media, electronic & print and the latest 'social' - Rio2016 #8

For the first time ever in the Olympic history, 119 Indian players got qualified for this year's Olympics at Rio. Considering the performance of Indian athletes in London games, expectations about the medals was raised, mainly by the media within the country. While everyone expected India to enter the medals tally within first few days, Indian athletes, despite of all efforts could not see India through until Sakshi Malik won a bronze in wrestling. By the time the news about her medal reach every corner of India, another medal was confirmed by P.V.Sindhu in women badminton singles. Eventually she won a silver medal after fighting hard against the world number one, Carolina Marin. Marin's inspiring performance of last two years made it clear to me that she deserved to win the Olympic gold. And she won it, fighting back from the loss of first game in the final. That was yet another champion play by her, known as 'Girl Nadal' in Spain. 

Congratulations and thanks to Sakshi and Sindhu for putting India in the medal tally at last. As per the statistics, India secured 67th place overall in the tally, down by 12 ranks compared to 2012 Olympics. Two women, Mary Kom and Saina Nehwal, won bronze medals last time and now two more women have won medals. India, I mean, electronic & print media and also the social media is going crazy celebrating the win of women this time round, and the reason makes me thoughtful. Women won last time too but men won medals too. This time, no man has won a medal for India and both the medals are won by women! While this is being quoted as the main reason for celebrating with high intensity and to say "Beti Khilao", its important to validate the reason itself I believe.

Back in 2000 Olympics, Karanam Malleswari won the lone medal for India. Then the media did not cover as much as it is doing this time round. Social media was not present at all in those times so there were no way the story would do rounds and rounds. Malleswari was a woman and had 'Beti Khilao' been said and practiced, today we would have been celebrating the success of a few more women in the Olympics. Somehow, "Beti bachao; beti padhao" campaign started later and now 'Beti khilao' is being said with grand rhyming. And as everyone is busy saying that, the Rio games have not yet ended for Indian media, electronic & Print and the latest 'social'.

Now that women have won the medals, everyone is saying that women must be encouraged to participate in sports. No doubt it helps. At the same time, its extremely important to recognize the fact that encouraging women to excel in the field they choose makes them come out succeeding in their respective fields. Sport is indeed the most loved by masses, and that cannot precede the love women have for the fields they choose, whatever the field may be. 


KParthasarathi said...

You have not mentioned the great performance by Dipa Karmakar in what was a high risk Produnova vault.But for her bottom touching very slightly she would have got a medal.Hats off to her for practicing in a NE state with minimal facilities.She is bound to go places along with others in 2020 Tokyo.
It is heartening that young women brought honour by proving themselves at the highest levels

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