Aug 8, 2016

Upsets and injuries! - Rio2016 #3

Though it's being called as an 'upset' by the tennis fraternity, I'm not upset but stunned to know that the current world number one player in men's tennis, Novak Djokovic, has lost his first round at Olympics to Martin Del Potro. Novac will have to wait for another four years! Actually, that's grueling Olympics can be. You practice for years to perform for few hours at Olympics, minutes and seconds in case of some sports, and you fail to walk upto the podium, and you have to wait practicing for yet another four years by being absolutely unsure of what's in store! But that's the reality. It's true with any form of the sport on any given platform. Olympics being hailed as the world's biggest platform for sports, some though, a loss is more than a loss. A defeat can be next to none. Coming back to tennis, Williams sisters' early loss in women doubles was unexpected too! Well, perceptually one's loss is another's chance. Life is too relative, you know!

Looking forward to see Nadal utilizing the chance and so is expected with Sania and co. Leander and his forced-doubles-partner had played a lot off the court and could not pay well on the court. Anyway, nothing much was expected from them, sadly, as their integrity as a team was just not enough if I may say so.

After two days of Olympic play, I woke up to a good news about Indian players and that's about our woman gymnast, Deepa Karmakar. Wishing her all the best to perform her best in the finals. Archers and shooters, so far, have clearly disappointed! Waiting to know about Bindra and Narang.

Injuries play an important role in any player's career. Or I must say 'fitness'! Very bad to know about the two gymnasts who got injured during their performances. Gymnastics to me appear as more of an art form than a sport form. I'm no one to conclude so though! Yet, they are one of the most entertaining events.

That's it for now.

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