Aug 1, 2016

Winning games and hearts! - Rio2016 #1

Although a win cannot be correlated with success, and whatever is said and done, winning is necessary if not important. Playing to win is necessary too, by being fair of course. Winning games and winning hearts are indeed different aspects, but one must understand that what needs to be done to win games and hearts is the same. At times, hearts are won along with the games and at times, only hearts are won! While records show the games that are won, history preserves the way hearts are won. Success can be perceived from the performances that win games. Success can also be perceived from the performances that win hearts. Success is probably the biggest perception everyone of us deal with every day, every moment. Hence no one need to play differently to win games and hearts.

Be fair. Give the best. Accept the result. Winning games and hearts is something keeps playing hide and seek with players. Being sportive and enjoying the soul of the sport is the most wonderful thing a player can experience.

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Wishing the Indian Olympic contingent all the very best for the Rio Olympics 2016. Will be closely following the games and looking forward for inspiring performances not just from the Indians but from all the Olympians out there in Rio.

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