Dec 26, 2016

Morning walk on terrace - PramsPhotography #40

#2016 @Chinchwad, Pune, India

I'm not someone on a mission called 'morning walk'. One day I woke up from a beautiful dream. I looked at the clock and it was just 5 am. I did not know what to do except waiting for the sun rise as the dream from which I woke up was not letting me sleep again! Until the sunrise I twisted and turned in the bed aimlessly thinking about the dream and trying to push the storyteller portion of my brain to chart out the next could-be part of the dream. 

The moment I saw the sun light through the bed room window, I jumped out of the bed taking my mobile and rushed up to the terrace. Not sure what struck me in the bed but that visit to terrace of our flats gifted me these photographs.

These clicks are from the small garden, on our terrace, developed by my neighbors. Pigeons joined me on the terrace while I was clicking and became part of one of the pictures. I can never forget the experience of that day! 


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