Dec 26, 2016

Movie: Dangal - An inspiring piece, as an art work and also as a semi-biopic!

If I were to watch two movies back to back, I would choose 'Dangal' twice. 

Even though 'the strong will to win' is not a new subject for a sport-based movie, the way the narration goes in this movie is unique in style. From the wait-for-a-baby-boy to the podium-finish in the climax, there is dire desperation depicted in all characters. Aamir Khan's performance needs no review; as always, he has done an apt job. The girls portrayed the reel characters of Geeta and Babita performed superbly. Their act resembles their reel father's near-perfection. Sakshi Tanwar did the magic with her eyes. Cinematography is an accurately drawn line, both in mud and mat scenes. Back ground score is awesome and the title track keeps the spirit up. 

Now that the Phogat sisters have won back to back golds at the commonwealth games 2010 and 2014, the training sequence, by their dad being their utterly strict coach, shown in the movie seems justified to the core. Only if there wasn't anything significant that either Geeta or Babita had achieved, Mr Phogat would have to take the criticism not just by the villagers but also by the child rights commission for spoiling the kids' childhood for his 'crazy' passion! The girls have literally saved him by performing their best so far. They did not just prove that their father was right. They quite succeeded in letting many parents feel better to see their kids, girls or boys, in the wrestling arena. It's just the beginning now and only a few medals in the international tournaments would let the parents themselves encourage the kids to take up sport, wrestling in this specific case.

Getting back to the movie, Dangal handovers one more Christmas-success for Aamir. Exemplary direction by Nitesh Tiwari.  Good that in the beginning of the movie they put up the disclaimer about the fiction-quotient. Otherwise, critics would have had work to know about the real life of Mr. Phogat. With that disclaimer, this semi-biopic has reduced to a mere movie and hence critics will have to concentrate on the regular stuff! And I'm sure, critics would like this movie too, both as a movie and as a semi-biopic if I may call it so!

While it's not easy to win, it's difficult to carry on. Hope Phogat sisters will continue their dream run by winning many more and by setting a few more examples.

I've got my share or an inspiration-pill. Go, watch this movie and get yours. 

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