Apr 27, 2016

Home town - PramsPhotography #15

#2015 @Dintenapadu, Andhra Pradesh, India

We may roam around a few places and click loads of photos. But clicking the beauty of hometown is always special and gives immense pleasure.I'm very happy to have clicked this beautiful shot on a beautiful winter morning at my home town, Dintenapadu. That's taken in panorama mode. Looking forward for the next round of shoot in my home town. Hope to do it soon.

Irrigation project - PramsPhotography #14

#2010 @Gundlakamma Project, Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh, India

This picture was taken at the Gundllakamma irrigation project in the district of Prakasam in Andhra Pradesh, India. It was in the evening we reached there and by the time of sunset we were done with visiting the project area, the dam and boating in the reservoir. It was a huge reservoir as can also be understood from the picture by looking at the water level until the top portion of the trees. We spent a pleasant evening there, watched the sunset and returned home. 

Rafael Nadal is BACK onto the 'Clay'!

Successful comeback of our favorite players always excites us. Apart from exciting, it also inspires us to believe that 'Comeback is possible all the time provided the necessary efforts are put in with belief'.

Rafael Nadal back to winning ways on clay

I'd been waiting since a few months to write this kind of a post for Rafael Nadal, one of my favorite players. Feeling great to know that Rafa has won two back to back titles on clay, Monte Carlo and Barcelona Open. And that's a great confidence generator before the Grand Slam on the clay, The French Open - 2016. 

Firstly, congratulations to him for the strong comeback and also for equaling the record of maximum number of titles on clay! Wishing him all the best to continue his champion play to win the record TENTH title at the French Open Championships this year.

It takes a lot of mental strength to coming back to winning ways after considerably long break from the game, also amidst the pouring competition all over. The skill he possesses is helping him to pass through the competition with ease. I've not watched him playing yet this year, but I hope he is his great form of fitness, which is very important to win on clay. Looking forward to follow the French Open to see this man WINNING it in style. 

Apr 26, 2016

The 'Story'... Take Home #571

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Out of all the options available, what defines a person is the choice made by that person. Nothing can be judged though. Behind every choice, there is a story which is unique, true, and no one else can probably ever understand. One must respect the choices of a person, rather than judging the person without understanding the 'story'. 

Quantify... Take Home #570

Invaluable things are not quantifiable.

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Apr 25, 2016

Life finds its way - PramsPhotography #13

#2015 @Pratap Ghad fort, Mahabaleshwar, India

No matter what, life finds its way to live provided its let lived. This picture reminds me of this line. This was found at the Pratap Ghad fort, near Mahabaleshwar. The wall was made of stones and the roots of the tree found their path somehow! Life, in its every form, has that survival instinct which helps to find a way out to keep living! This particular tree, not sure how many years old it could be, is a live example of the survival instinct of a life's form.  

Greenery in mid summer - PramsPhotography #12

#2015 @Panchghani, Maharashtra, Pune

In the scorching sun, I could not believe this particular photo came so green allover. It was taken in Panchghani and this was the view I could see from the Table Land. Felt quite amazing how nature takes care of itself, does not matter what season it is, it has its own rule book which includes every place, be it a hill top or a sea shore! By the way, Panchghani is a beautiful place one must visit in rainy or winter season. 

Apr 24, 2016

The Houseboat - PramsPhotography #11

#2014 @Alleppey Houseboat, Kerala, India

If one wishes to have a lap on waters amidst of serenity, there can be no better place than Alleppey backwaters. Spending a day in house boat makes one feel the beauty of life, of Alleppey, of backwaters, of coconut trees, of sunset and of Kerala. Its a must go trip once in a life time, provided its affordable for a given person. Breathtakingly beautiful it is and it takes us to another day on another planet-like. 

Kerala Journey - PramsPhotography #10

#2014 @Kerala, India

Journeying through Kerala is an absolute bliss. And in particular, train journey is absolutely marvelous in rainy season especially. I was privileged to travel through train in rainy season back in 2014. Photography from train is tricky but I went effortless to capture a few photos. Will always be proud of that feet. This one was clicked in Kerala while on my way to Coimbatore, Tamilnadu.  How beautiful! 

Sunrise from up above - PramsPhotography #9

#2014 @Up above the sky, Pune to Bangalore, India

Sunrise is always special not just for the fact that it starts the day but also for the fact that it energizes each one of us to go for the day! On the day of my travel from Pune to Bangalore two years back, I had an early morning flight. Fortunately for me, I was allocated a window seat. The window glass was not properly cleaned but I could capture this at the time of sunrise. Below are few more snaps before the sunrise.

Monkey on the edge - PramsPhotography #8

#2015 @Table Land, Panchghani, Maharashtra, India

The monkey sitting on the edge of the table land here in Panchghani did a memorable thing to us. It took a water bottle from us and tried to open it for a long time. We could not obviously go to it and open the bottle cap for it. It tried and tried and finally it pushed the bottle away into the deep valley next to it.  We lost the bottle but gained this experience to share.


School in the nature's lap - PramsPhotography #7

#2015 @Panchghani, Maharashtra, India

The buildings shown in this picture belong to the National Sports Academy. Its one of the sports training center in the lap of beautiful nature at Panchghani. Such an inspiring environment around to inspire in every breath. This was the picture taken in mid summer in the months of May. I wonder how this scene might look while it rains! Will look forward to click that as well. 

Summer Morning - PramsPhotography #6

#2014 @Shahu Nagar, Chinchwad, Pune, India, 

On a Sunday morning, woke up to this scene from our terrace. The rays of sun appeared even more beautiful than the way they appear here in this picture. It was an absolutely perfect moment when I came out on to the terrace and the clouds did the formation to let the rays go out in this fashion. Superb start to that day back in 2014.  

Airplane and the Minar - PramsPhotography #5

#2007 @Qutub Minar, Delhi, India

This Minar stands really tall. It can be seen from a few kilometers from the top of a moderately tall building. We could see the Minar from our college campus when we were in Indian Institute of Technology Delhi. Visiting it and watching it live was further more fun. Capturing the airplane crossing the skies above the Minar was one the good moments spent at the Qutub Minar.   

The setting sun at Taj Mahal - PramsPhotography #4

#2007 @Taj Mahal, Agra, India

Setting sun leaves a few impressions in the sky first and then in the minds of those people who observe. Taj Mahal itself is an extraordinarily inspiring monument and the combination of the entrance wall of Taj Mahal and sun made pretty great impression in my mind. This picture was taken while on our way back from visiting the superb symbol of love! 

The Taj Mahal - PramsPhotography #3

#2007 @ Taj Mahal, Agra, India

This Mahal symbolizing 'love' needs no introduction but here I'd like to share my experience. Ecstatic. May be, that's the apt word. The wonderful monument made with marble stone has already found its place in the world wonders; but for every person who visits it, it will I suppose remain as one of the best experiences of life. More than the way its made, the reason its made strikes a chord in many! Taj Mahal will continue to inspire generations to keep loving. 

Parrots and the Minar - PramsPhotography #2

#2007 @Qutub Minar, Delhi, India

This was the very first click of mine that made me believe that I could click well. The two parrots in this picture might not know at the point of time what inspiration they were giving me. Eventually after all these years I've started my photography page and blog and I'm proud to remember the click that inspired me from within to continue to show interest in photography. 

"The Dawn" - PramsPhotography #1

#2014 @Kanyakumari, India

It was just another day. But the 'dawn' was something different. An awesome experience for a life time it was to witness the sun rising out of the ocean. A memorable moment it was when this picture was clicked by me at Kanyakumari, the southern most tip of India, on a beautiful morning. Every sunrise is different and this one is probably the most special! 

No Influencing... Take Home #569

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One must never influence others; rather one must only inspire. Its applicable to everyone including parents.

Conceptualization is a lot fun!

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Conceptualizing anything needs great amount of effort in terms of analyzing various aspects involved with huge utilization of commonsense and logics. More than anything, conceptualizing anything needs unconditional support from team members and others around too! The day everyone realizes this and reciprocate, conceptualization becomes the real fun with brains! 

But all this might or might not happen as there will come a few of human angles while someone goes on this journey. Determination to succeed keeps one going and helps in conceptualizing ultimately. Success and failure do matter here as well but the learning one goes through while on the path is too precious to give away for the hurdles come up in the way! 

If you are in that path, remember one thing. NEVER QUIT

Happy Birthday SACHIN

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From being the Little Champion to become the Master Blaster, Sachin Tendulkar has inspired couple of generations of people who are not just cricket lovers but everyone who dreams to become an inspiring personality one day! Since I've been a cricket lover cum highly aspiring all the time, I believe the impact of him on me has been huge. I feel fortunate to have loved him during his active years which has generated a lot of positive energy in me which will remain with me until I breath the last. 

Will be thankful always to this great man! 

Happy birthday Sachin! Many more happy returns of the day! 

The hand... Take Home #568

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There can be many hands involved in the making of any great thing. The hand that stands out in success shall hold the others hands which have to remain back stage.

Design... Take Home #567

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Design the customer experience. Business will take care of itself.