Nov 5, 2017

Say it rightly... Take Home #655

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Saying right things is important and saying things rightly is even more important.

Accept yourself... Take Home #654

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However, wherever and whatever you are, accept yourself and you will be accepted too, if not by everyone but by those few who deserve your acceptance back.

Who are we to judge anyone?

Do not judge people who are going through something that you never have gone through!

Judging none helps, irrespective of we having gone through the same or similar that others are going through. But it does not work that way practically. We tend to compare and we end up judging, especially when the situation seems to be familiar to us. In that particular moment, we fail to understand that each person and situation is unique and if we get hold of this understanding that everyone and everything is unique, what is 'practical' according to us changes forever. We never will judge, especially then when no one is looking for our judgement. 

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Acceptance and agreement are two different things!

Ask, not just to know what's said but also to know how's it said. 

We never know when we may have to answer someone on similar lines and answering is not the game everyone can succeed playing fair! 

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We must keep asking, sometimes others and sometimes ourselves. When we have to answer ourselves, it's important to take time, have an outlook and look from within. When we are on the receiving side of the answer, we must have an absolutely open mind such that we understand and accept the way the other person puts things into perspective. Accepting a perspective and agreeing to it are two different things. Acceptance does not necessarily mean an agreement every time. Agreeing to disagree is yet another way of acceptance and a nobler one too! While we understand that we may not have to agree necessarily to what we are told, we must accept the fact that the answer that we give to others, in time, might not be agreed upon too! However, accepting what we get to hear, the way it is , makes us free from having hard feelings that we otherwise end up developing. When we answer someone, we have a little say in letting the other person accept what we say, irrespective of an agreement. Nonetheless, whatever is that we can do to improve the acceptance levels of the other person, we must do so. 

Smile it away... Take Home #653

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Whatever it is, smile it away and start afresh! 

Things that hurt us ... Take Home #652

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Things that hurt us the most are those that we do not understand, yet.

Oct 13, 2017


Certain hurdles in life show the vulnerabilities that we have in our mind. We must accept those hurdles, act upon the vulnerabilities, respect and remember the people who cause them. We may have to look back to them one day and thank them for their contribution in making us a bit less vulnerable!

We can understand how vulnerable we are, only when subjected to certain hurdles or 'moments'. 

Moments of loss
Moments of failure
Moments of realization
Moments of helplessness

Moments of dreams turned down
Moments of assumptions get ridiculed
Moments of truth hitting us hard from within
Moments of our imagination get altered forever!

Keeping people happy... Take Home #651

Keeping everyone happy might mean keeping none happy!

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Actions are rewarded... Take Home #650

Actions are rewarded; neither intentions nor words. 

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Oct 8, 2017

Life does not end - PramsPhotography #112

Life does not end,
When we do get what we deserve.

Life does not end either,
When we do not get what we deserve.

Life ends in many ways though.
When we stop living in the given moment
When we stop enjoying those little pleasures
When we stop prioritizing that which matters
When we stop recognizing that which is important
When we stop believing in people who do things for us
Life ends in many ways; different yet each being important.

No matter what happens,
There can always be a new beginning.

No matter what happens,
Until we breath, we do have a chance to live allover again!

Sep 25, 2017

Bigger and nobler goal... Take Home #649

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We Cannot change people everyday. But we can leverage their strengths every moment, to achieve a far bigger and nobler goal.

There is every type of person around us; each being unique. Real competence of a leader is in harnessing the potential. 

No hard feelings!

It's natural that due to some situations we attain hard feelings towards some people. With time, they may grow and become uncontrollable to not express. Yet, if we refrain from expressing hard feelings towards people, anyone for that matter, with time we stop having them. The resilience builds up in us. We start experiencing life as it comes and that includes those people in it with no much friction. That's the moment we know we have gained one of the most important attributes to live, BALANCE. Balancing our good and bad thoughts is equally important, especially then when it's towards any person. 

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Stop expressing hard feelings towards anyone. 
You will stop having them in time!

Winning a race... Take Home #648

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Winning any race is not about how you begin, but how you end! 

Estimate ... Take Home #647

Underestimation or overestimation - We do not, rather cannot, enough understand anyone to do either of these! 

Game of Thrones - How effective a sublime story can be!

First is first, I no more belong to that percent of people who haven't watched even one episode of the show!

Well, may I call it the mother of all war stories picturized so far, except for the unnecessary nudity poured in?

The 67 episodes of the show have been directed by not one but multiple directors and never for a frame I felt any significant difference! Perhaps, such is the power of a sublime STORY.

I'm amazed at the way the script and the crew have been brilliantly handled this far, for so many years through many successes. Full credit to the writers and makers.

My favorite character of the show is - Tyrion Lannister. I love the variations, wittiness, political savviness and self-learnt potent of his character. Looking forward for more of him in the last season of the show.

It's hard to put in few words the profoundness I felt while watching it. If you love fiction, you must not miss this show. If you ever loved those fairy tales, you must watch this 'dead vs alive' war show, the Game of Thrones.

May the better win and may this show stand tall forever!

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Sep 18, 2017

Life's long enough... Take Home #646

Life's short. But it's long enough to live and let live. 

Under-perform... Take Home #645

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Never under-perform; and that too never do so intentionally. No matter what. 

The deepest understanding... Take Home #644

One who survives the greatest struggle have the deepest understanding about life. 

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Process matters!

"Everybody doing their best is not the answer. 
It is first necessary that people know what to do"

While I was watching a video about "process", the above lines had appeared on the screen. They have kept rejecting to go away from my senses since then. 

How truly said!

Since many years, a few processes have been established. Process steps have been identified along with mapping the respective process owners. It is not easy to define any process and at the same time, it's not easy to follow any process. A process merely guides people towards the next logical steps and hence towards a logical ending. At times the necessary time and resources are available to follow each one of the process step. But at most of the times, that may not be the case. We generally see people reasoning out the same when any exceptions are to be requested for! In some cases, people are driven to situations that they start questioning the very existence of the process itself. 

Is defining a process important? The answer is yes. Is following a process important? The answer may not be an 'yes' every time! It generally depends on may factors. The process not followed is the process not existing! That's subject to debate for sure!

While there is a process and it seems difficult to follow it on number of occasions, having no process is altogether a new level of difficulty in itself. When there is no process, we generally hear people asking everybody to do their best, give their best. But that might not lead any where unless people know what needs to be done in the first place. Everyone's best work does not necessarily mean the best result. It could all go in vain when there is no relation one can establish among the 'best' works done!

It's important to let people know what's expected out of them and then it makes perfect sense to let them give their best in whatever they do. Rather than asking everyone to give their best without really letting them know what needs to be done.

Process matters. If followed, it matters in the result; if not, in the learning! 

Sep 3, 2017

Movie: Arjun Reddy

Since many years we have been idolizing the heroes and heroines of movies, less the characters and more the people who portray them. Of late, "watch movie as a movie" has been trending. And if we have to watch movies as movies, we must realize that every story need not have a hero but every story has a protagonist. Not just heroes have stories but an alcoholic could have a more intense story which deserves to be told. One such is narrated in an unbelievably convincing way in the movie "Arjun Reddy".

"Suffering is personal. Let him survive it" - This is one of my favorite dialogues from the movie. Vijay Devarakonda, who played the role of male protagonist of the movie, has done a commendable job; he has given an award-winning performance! Back ground score is awesome and to-the-mood. Appreciate the characterization of "Shiva", portrayed brilliantly by Rahul. Female lead's characterization is understandably not depicted to the depth, as the story is narrated from the male lead's perspective. The unconventional climax sequence steals the show!

Watch this movie. Don't miss it. Just like idolizing the heroes does not help, judging the protagonists does not help too. Go for the movie, if u haven't yet.

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