Jan 27, 2017

Contribution - Take Home #614

As long as we feel utterly confident that we are contributing, role remains as a mere resource to come out with flying colours.

The last thing... Take Home #613

Neither success not failure is the last thing! Last breath is the only 'last' thing in life! Rest is just life.

Possibilities - Take Home #612

Be aware of and open to all the possibilities.

Jan 26, 2017

Nature's lap - PramsPhotography #75

The above one was clicked at the Lingamala waterfalls in Mahabaleshwar. The water falls down from the top of the hill surrounded by greenery and some resorts as can be seen in the picture. 

This one was clicked while walking up the way towards the sight seeing spot at Lingamala waterfalls in Mahabaleshwar. This lean tree appeared to me as if it was aiming at sky! 

This one as well was clicked while walking towards the waterfall-sing-point at the Lingamala waterfalls. The water seen in the pic at the foot of the two mountains are the downstream water of the Lingamala waterfalls. It appeared as of the water stream was being nurtured in the nature's lap! 

This was clicked while on the way to Mahabaleshwar as I remember it! Just tried to click the combination of the tree tips and the blue sky. 

I was a bit surprised to see this tree and a few similar trees which had grass and few other types of plants grown. Due to the incessant rain at Mahabaleshwar, it seems all the big trees have some or the other type of grass grown on their branches. May be it qualifies to be called as a "green tree"! 

#2016 @Mahabaleswar, India

The festival of lights - PramsPhotography #74

#2009 @Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune, India

Deepawali is widely known as the festival of lights in India. That's the only occasion we get to hear a series of cracker sounds from every corner for a really long time! Apart from the crackers, the decoration is mainly done using the sand-lights (diyas made with sand). The two pics above were clicked way back in 2009 on the day of Diwali. One was clicked while trying to light the remaining crackers, three at a time as you can see, and the other one was the decoration done by us at home with sand-lights and flowers. 

The lake side - PramsPhotography #73

Here is the combination of old, fresh and new flowers to a single branch. It reminds me of the importance every stage of life carries in its own way! 

Wonder how the colour combination must have started for flowers. They just seem incredibly refreshing. And by the way a single flower is never alone! 

Ducks came to the lake side in the afternoon to take search for food and also to take rest, of course. They were of different colours but felt great to see them being least bothered about this fact, unlike humans. 

Zooming is never an easy job yet I put every effort in succeeding to do when I saw this scenery from a distance. I'm glad the click has come well. See the shadows of the birds in the still water on one side and on the other side, small waves caused by breeze can be seen.

This is clicked from underneath a long tree which was surrounded by a few other trees grown in every direction. I did not expect the click to come so well shaped. 

#2016 @Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune, India

Countryside @Kerala - PramsPhotography #72

#2014 @Travelling by train in Kerala, India

Two things I never noticed that I loved before my trip to Kerala. One, travelling in sleeper class and two, photography. My trip to Kerala after marriage made realise my love towards the two I just mentioned. Clicking from the train's window felt amazingly great that I never felt alone during that 36 hour long journey! I would not have enjoyed the same had I been on train in a sleeper class compartment. 

Sunrise to sunset - PramsPhotography #71

#2015 @Mahabaleshwar, India

The above photos were clicked when we had been on a family trip to Mahabaleshwar couple of years ago. Sunrise point was the first one to be visited by us on the second day of the trip. Then we had been to Pratapghad fort. The clicks of the mountains and the Chatrapati Shivaji statue were from there. The last one was the sunset click from a sunset point, on our way back, at Panchghani. So eventful was that day! 

Sinhagad - PramsPhotography #70

#2013, @Sinhagad, Pune, India

The first and the best trek I had been to with friend was to Sinhagad fort. I had been suffering from cold and cough for few days yet I decided to join my friends for a trip to Sinhagad fort on a drizzling day. It took us near about three hours to reach to the top and those three hours were the best! This was the trip that gave immense confidence not just about my trekking ability but also about my ability to fight tough-breathing while infected with flu. All in all, it was a memorable one! 

The Berlin city - PramsPhotography #69

#2016 @The Berlin city, Germany

These were clicked immediately after taking off from the Berlin International Airport in the wee hours. I was told that Berlin was a beautiful city and also a planned construction! I realized its beauty while roaming around and its plan while flying over! Stunningly beautiful the whole experience was. By the way, the Berlin TV tower could be seen in the first pic! 

Tamini Ghat - PramsPhotography #68

#2015 @Tamini Ghat, Pune, India

We had been on a short mid-week trip to Tamini Ghat on a Wednesday afternoon. It was the first time we went on a trip from office by taking leave in the second half of the day! We happened to look at the near by mountains during an after-lunch chat on terrace and we all felt like escaping into the clouds that were trying to cover the mountain during rainy season. None of us had a scheduled task that afternoon and we made this memorable trip! 

Rice crops - PramsPhotography #67

#2015 @Narketpalli to Ongole

Out of all the food crops, I personally like clicking the rice crops.The above one was clicked while travelling from Narketpalli, Telangana to Ongole, Andhra Pradesh. The rice crops were seen dancing to the tunes of the air waves caused by the speeding vehicles passing by the national highway next to the crops. The mountains in the background are the special attraction! 


#2015 @Pabe Ghat, Pune, India

We had been on our first ghat ride to Pabe Ghat on our four wheeler. It was a lonely drive all in all; however, it helped us to gain confidence about our own driving. As we reached the end of the ghat, we entered a small village. There weren't many homes but few hotels were open for lunch offering. The Jowar roti we ate there was the best of its kind we ever had until then. As we tried to climb up the path towards a fort, we realized that there was a renovation going on; we had to return back. While coming back, we entered into fields near by and that was where I clicked the above pic.  

In the middle - PramsPhotography#66

Many planes must have passed through this path that the pollution seemingly caused by them could be seen clearly through my flight's window.

I was amazed to see planes passing from above, below and next to our flight's path! The above pic was clicked when a flight passed underneath our flight barely a minute back! 

At some point I saw this from my flight's window and I wondered if there existed clouds above the clouds!

#2016 @Between Zurich and Mumbai

Jan 23, 2017

Role vs position!

One who wishes to execute the role that he or she is in, understands and performs the responsibilities pertaining to the given role. One who wishes to retain the position that he or she is in, performs the necessary actions to either continue in the same position or to jump to the next. While tasks to be performed to retain a position are person dependent, the responsibilities to be addressed to play any role are person independent. 

Image result for role and position

Organizations must encourage their workforce to play the respective roles rather than encouraging the position-game! At the end of the day, its not easy to replace anyone! However, replacing someone performing a given role is flexible compared to replacing a person settled in a position. Seeing this on a positive note, rotating people across multiple roles in an organization becomes simple and beneficial when the responsibilities of all the roles are defined and supportive processes are in place. And the same cannot be true when it comes to rotate people across different positions, who in turn must have set up their own people around!

Through the flight's window - PramsPhotography #65

#2016 @Zurich, Switzerland

Until the moment I stepped out of the plane in the Zurich international airport, Switzerland meant Roger Federer and Martina Hingis for me! Being a grand slam-tennis follower, I always wonder what must have been these players made with! Well, I could not obviously figure it out by being there in the airport for couple of hours, certainly I could feel the stress-free air! Most of the houses were identical and fields looked beautiful from up above! Especially loved watching those long trees!  

Green valley - PramsPhotography #64

#2016 @Panchghani-Mahabaleswar, India

Panchghani-Mahabaleswar is one of the must-go trip at least once in a life time. The Panchghani ghat welcomes us to the beautiful valleys around, irrespective of the season. If we go there in rainy season, the valleys could be perceived as if a green carpet was kept over them literally! One cannot forget the wonderful moments spent amidst the breathtakingly beautiful valley views. 

Seasonal nature - PramsPhotography #63

#2016 August @Panchghani-Mahabaleswar, India

#2015 May @Panchghani-Mahabaleswar, India

Time changes a few things including the seasons. Seasons change a few things including the nature. The above two pictures were clicked from the same point during different seasons. The one above was clicked during a rainy season and the one below was clicked in the mid summer. In both the pictures the landscape looks beautiful in its own sense. 

Jan 17, 2017

Sankranti Festival!

'Sankranti' is the only festival day on which I get teary eyed, reminiscing those wonderful moments spent with family at our native place, #Dintenapadu, during my childhood and adulthood.

All of our family members have grown up now but have not grown apart. Credit largely goes to our grand parents, nannamma and tatayya.

I wish someone would do an "interstellar" and pull me into the 'Thesaract' of our ancestors' home!!!

Movie: Gauthamiputra Satakarni

This movie did not seem to me like a perfectionist-make. However, the grit with which this film had been made stole my heart!

Yet again, #Krish and his writing department did a wonderful job. A big applaud for them. Truly appreciate #Balakrishna for his choice of the script and his unique style of dialogue delivery. Felt great to watch the combination of Hemamalini garu and Shreya. It just happened at a right time for #Amaravathi.

For those who question about Sathavahanas and thier relation to the Telugu region, I read that the entire human population was once originated from a single location. You may do googling and get its GPS coordinates.

Back ground score and music could have been way better. More time could have been spent giving few extra touches to graphics and make-up. Well, it's a director's choice. Not everyone go behind perfection. Some stick back to story-telling.

A must watch for movie cum history lovers!!!

Movie: Khaidi No 150

I used to get gifted a '#ChiranjeeviCinema' show by my relatives in Guntur everytime I had visited them in my childhood. I never used to get bothered about its title, its story, its music and every stuff like that. I just used to enjoy his on screen presence.

I tried to do the same when I watched his come-back movie yesterday. I tried not to judge but to enjoy every bit. I must confess. I could not succeed. Credit to the knowledge/information I acquired post-childhood.

First is first. Thanks to A.R.Murugados for penning down the story and making its Tamil version. Except for the 'unnecessary​' Brahmanandam sequence and few 'added' dialogues, I could not see V.V.Vinayak's touch!

Chiru looked as graceful as ever, on screen. It was nothing less than a feast watching him after a decade! It felt as if he took no gap! Certain things do not change; so is the ease with which he dances still, pace changed though! Looking forward for few more films from him!

Heroins, I think, before fighting for good remuneration must fight for significant roles! Songs cannot be the answers!

Well, if you ever liked Chiru on screen, keep aside all reservations and watch this movie. Its #Story is it's #Hero.

Jan 16, 2017

Truth & Fact - Take Home #611

Image result for flowers

While a fact can be manipulated, truth cannot be touched. Fact in its place is the best proof; truth, the best witness!

Plan B - Take Home #610

Plan helps. Plan B rescues. Have an alternate plan always, no matter what! 

Image result for plan B

Decision - Take Home #609

Image result for decisions

Opinions are important. But decisions need to be respected. There is no point keep discussing the opinions, especially once a decision is taken in a team.