Jan 5, 2017

Being Graceful - In achieving the big; in stepping down!

How to be graceful in success?
How to be graceful in defeat?
How to be graceful amidst the helm?
How to be graceful in standing up for?
How to be graceful while in command?
How to be graceful in stepping down?

Ask me any of the above questions and I will show you M.S.Dhoni. 

"Captain cool" is what people call him as and there is an unquestionable reason for it. He is the coolest captain the cricketing world has ever seen, in all of its formats, in all these years. He has kept his cool in almost all of the situations, barring few insignificant ones. In fact, he appeared 'nerveless' in the helm of situations. Deciding to come up the order in a world cup final happening on home soil, that too when the performance in the previous matches is not so promising, is not easy. Anything could have happened if he hadn't performed well that night. He took the charge and completed the job with a sensational six in a sensational style to let Team India lift the world cup in front of the home crowd! 

That's one incident and the best one of its kind according to me, from the remarkable career of MS as the Indian captain. Being cool is what he has shown to the world and 'being graceful no matter what' is what I have personally learnt from him!

Looking forward to see him being graceful while being commanded by his new captain. For this man with a simple yet great attitude, I don't think anything can be a challenge at all. However, after all he is human and hope the humane continues to stay grounded in the time to come as well. 

All the best MS. 

How much ever may we achieve, 
Something always remains
To be proven to ourselves.

Enormous satisfaction it can result into
For a life time, at times,
When that slightest opportunity is utilized.

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