Jan 1, 2017

Berlin Victory Column - PramsPhotography #55

This is about my visit to the Berlin Victory Column. The tower was constructed amidst six roads all merging together towards the tower. To reach to the tower, we need to take an underground path which leads to the entrance of the tower.

Inside the tower, the above shown stair case was present. It was so spherical that climbing it all at once felt next to impossible. I took a few halts, clicked the pictures of staircase, and finally reached the top of the tower.  

From the top of the tower, the six roads as earlier mentioned could be seen. From that height when each road is seen, a few vehicles, almost all running with super fast speed, could be seen. On each side of the road, unexpectedly big trees had been grown. On each side, some or the other monument could be seen at a distance. Following are some of the clicks from the top.  

The television tower of Berlin could be seen here on the left side of the road at the end almost. And exactly at the road end of the road , the Berlin gate could be seen. Again, it was highly unexpected that in Berlin and that too near a monument like 'the victory tower', so much greenery would be seen! 

I reached the top of the tower at around 4 pm local time. The sun was exactly at an angle same time that the shadow of the tower reached too far; as shown in the below picture, it crossed almost two roads. Overall, It was a beautiful and eventful experience!  

#2016 @The Berlin Victory Column, Berlin, Germany

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