Jan 26, 2017

Nature's lap - PramsPhotography #75

The above one was clicked at the Lingamala waterfalls in Mahabaleshwar. The water falls down from the top of the hill surrounded by greenery and some resorts as can be seen in the picture. 

This one was clicked while walking up the way towards the sight seeing spot at Lingamala waterfalls in Mahabaleshwar. This lean tree appeared to me as if it was aiming at sky! 

This one as well was clicked while walking towards the waterfall-sing-point at the Lingamala waterfalls. The water seen in the pic at the foot of the two mountains are the downstream water of the Lingamala waterfalls. It appeared as of the water stream was being nurtured in the nature's lap! 

This was clicked while on the way to Mahabaleshwar as I remember it! Just tried to click the combination of the tree tips and the blue sky. 

I was a bit surprised to see this tree and a few similar trees which had grass and few other types of plants grown. Due to the incessant rain at Mahabaleshwar, it seems all the big trees have some or the other type of grass grown on their branches. May be it qualifies to be called as a "green tree"! 

#2016 @Mahabaleswar, India

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