Jan 26, 2017

Rice crops - PramsPhotography #67

#2015 @Narketpalli to Ongole

Out of all the food crops, I personally like clicking the rice crops.The above one was clicked while travelling from Narketpalli, Telangana to Ongole, Andhra Pradesh. The rice crops were seen dancing to the tunes of the air waves caused by the speeding vehicles passing by the national highway next to the crops. The mountains in the background are the special attraction! 


#2015 @Pabe Ghat, Pune, India

We had been on our first ghat ride to Pabe Ghat on our four wheeler. It was a lonely drive all in all; however, it helped us to gain confidence about our own driving. As we reached the end of the ghat, we entered a small village. There weren't many homes but few hotels were open for lunch offering. The Jowar roti we ate there was the best of its kind we ever had until then. As we tried to climb up the path towards a fort, we realized that there was a renovation going on; we had to return back. While coming back, we entered into fields near by and that was where I clicked the above pic.  

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