Jan 23, 2017

Role vs position!

One who wishes to execute the role that he or she is in, understands and performs the responsibilities pertaining to the given role. One who wishes to retain the position that he or she is in, performs the necessary actions to either continue in the same position or to jump to the next. While tasks to be performed to retain a position are person dependent, the responsibilities to be addressed to play any role are person independent. 

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Organizations must encourage their workforce to play the respective roles rather than encouraging the position-game! At the end of the day, its not easy to replace anyone! However, replacing someone performing a given role is flexible compared to replacing a person settled in a position. Seeing this on a positive note, rotating people across multiple roles in an organization becomes simple and beneficial when the responsibilities of all the roles are defined and supportive processes are in place. And the same cannot be true when it comes to rotate people across different positions, who in turn must have set up their own people around!

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