Jan 26, 2017

The lake side - PramsPhotography #73

Here is the combination of old, fresh and new flowers to a single branch. It reminds me of the importance every stage of life carries in its own way! 

Wonder how the colour combination must have started for flowers. They just seem incredibly refreshing. And by the way a single flower is never alone! 

Ducks came to the lake side in the afternoon to take search for food and also to take rest, of course. They were of different colours but felt great to see them being least bothered about this fact, unlike humans. 

Zooming is never an easy job yet I put every effort in succeeding to do when I saw this scenery from a distance. I'm glad the click has come well. See the shadows of the birds in the still water on one side and on the other side, small waves caused by breeze can be seen.

This is clicked from underneath a long tree which was surrounded by a few other trees grown in every direction. I did not expect the click to come so well shaped. 

#2016 @Pimpri-Chinchwad, Pune, India

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