Mar 4, 2017

Berlin Memories - PramsPhotography #78

While we were walking towards the Berlin gate from Berlin Cathedral, we saw the beautiful statues made out of marble stone The one above and the last picture of the post are of this kind. I could not unfortunately check about the background of these statues being there! 

In all flight announcements one thing made me emphatic with the engineers was about the usage of Samsung galaxy phone on board. How humiliating it must be for those who designed this phone! Here at Berlin, with the back ground from flight, I was surprised to see the advertisements of Galaxy model!  

Caught a bird on camera at a snacks outlet. Looked as if it was hungry too like us! 

Berlin wall was something that I had read about. Of course, I could not get to see it but got to purchase its remains in the form of small stones from a shop and could also click the above picture of its memoir, probably! 

Such a huge pass through gate is the Berlin gate. I could not realise from pictures online but realized it after passing through the gate personally! Good experience all in all. 

#2016 @Berlin gate and walk nearby, Germany

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