Mar 26, 2017

Doing the needful?

Going a little thoughtful this morning!

If 'only' the customer needs were to be designed for, there wouldn't have been a smartphone ever!

If 'only' the needy were to be served by the governments, there wouldn't​ have been the spectacular space exploration stories to tell our next generations!

If 'only' the needful was to be done every time, there wouldn't have been the humongous human possibilities known to our conscience.

Certain things need to be done beyond every need. Vision - intuitive or thoughtful, resilience - in misery and in glory, criticism - constructive and moral, intelligence - intellectual or factual, have been the important entities of human evolution so far. It's our responsibility to do the needful; at the same time we must think, look and act beyond our zone of responsibility by being careful not to cause any trouble.

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