Mar 19, 2017

Is the 'Dream Job' real enough?

As I woke up to the morning sky, on this Sunday morning, everything wasn't as usual. Something stuck me from within and I'm in no time here at my blog to put down what's been going on in my mind for a while! 

Going back in time to the days of my graduation at Bapatla Engineering College, famously known as BEC in engineering students' circle, I used to start the Sunday mornings by standing in que for Ravva Dosa in girls hostel. I tried a few times to be one of those early-birds to walk away with Dosa without needed to be in the queue. Sleep had always been that hurdle to cross. Late Saturday-night's chitchat being the culprit.

No one so far has been successful in figuring out where the girls' chitchat starts and where it ends. Our chitchat wasn't different either. It used to start during the after-dinner wander on Saturday night and would continue until late night, sometimes till the wee hours of Sunday! In all those lengthy discussions, never we shared with each other about our dream job! Dream company used to be mentioned once in a while though, mostly the choice used to be on the salary basis.

While I was in IIT Delhi to pursue masters, I realized that the basis for choosing the dream company by graduation students was not much different from that of what we had back in BEC. Salary. On the contrary, my classmates and friends from post graduation used to mention about a 'core company' being their dream one. Campus placements did not let everyone settle in their dream companies for the obvious reason. Competition. We moved onto our respective jobs post IIT. Some to their dream companies but none to the dream jobs to be blunt.

Dream company need not give us our dream job. Dream job need not be done at our dream company. This is the reality we missed to count on, back in college.

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Does company matter or job? The former can gives salary. And the later, satisfaction. Salary undeniably is important and the basic need too, only until we have handful enough for acquiring a comfortable living. What about satisfaction? It's important too. But the tricky part is, the necessity of satisfaction is usually understood after we earn enough to have a comfortable living. As the 'comfort' is perceived differently by different persons, everyone realizes the need of satisfaction at different times. Some never realize; exceptions exist as everywhere.

Dream company can give us great salary and dream job can give us great satisfaction; excluding the rarest of the rare case where both exist together. All's well?

Does a dream company really give great salary that we stop thinking about a change-over? Does a dream job really give greatest amount of satisfaction that we do not look here and there searching for something more? A dream company exists in reality; but a dream job, does it exist at all in reality? Is the dream job real enough?

Yes and No.

Dream job is a period reality. It exists until we realize something new about ourselves, about something else that can give us better satisfaction, better sense of doing, and a better sense of being. The journey of self-realization does not end unless we breath the last; hence our perception of a dream job keeps upgrading itself without our conscious intervention. With our conscious intervention it upgrades to a different level altogether and that's a way different topic. As long as the perception exist, the dream job exist. The moment the perception changes, our way of thinking of a dream job changes too! It's a fact that we cannot always pursue our dream jobs, given the socioeconomic conditions we and our families are surrounded by. However, once in a while we definitely keep thinking to pursue it. Some people go ahead and pursue it no matter what. Pursuing it itself gives a great sense of relief and satisfaction; whatever that we gain from it is just a bonus.

We must try to pursue our dream jobs, if not full-time at least we must spend sometime doing them irrespective of the profit-loss statements. Life does not blossom with profit and it does not succumb to loss. Life, just like a dream job, is a period reality. We must give our best shot. 

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