Apr 16, 2017

Click at the sky - PramsPhotography #107

#2017 @Clicks at sky, India

Looking at sky while lying down used to be one of my favorite pass times in childhood. I used to get worried if the moon would fall onto earth one day! That thought used to disturb me in a negative sense. As I grew up, I realized the fact that earth, moon and for that matter any entity in the cosmos is at its place and everything binded by the laws of physics and nature. That's when I started looking at sky in all pleasure, only pleasure to be specific. As I looked up at different point of time, I found few objects flying and I captured them without a second thought. Moon is of course not a flying object as you can see in one of the pictures, but that's the first object I saw in sky after all. Enjoyed clicking them and will continue to do so!

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