Apr 2, 2017

Kashid beach and the sunset - PramsPhotography #101

#2017 @Kashid beach, Maharashtra, India

Kashid is a white sand beach located on the western coast of India. Walking on the sand bare foot at Kashid beach is a must-to-have experience, for every couple especially. On one side the beach has a rocky avatar. One can step onto the rocks and reach the end of the rocky portion. We especially enjoyed doing this as we walked past the rocks to capture the sunset moments. The scenery show in the last picture above is a special attraction for the tourists.  

Beaches on the western coast line of India are too different from that of the eastern coast line. The sand from beneath foot feels as if its drifting fast towards the sea as we stand in water in any of the Bay of Bengal beaches, especially in Andhra Pradesh coast line. On the contrary, be it Alibaug, Nagaon or Murud beach, the sand is smooth and tight under the foot. Well, no beach is less beautiful though! 

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