Apr 2, 2017

On the way to Bhimshankar - PramsPhotography #96

'Cow dung cakes' is the name they have for the ones shown in the above picture (Pidakalu - in Telugu, my mother tongue). They are made with hands using the cow dung. They are usually thrown against a wall in southern India to get them dried. Here near Bhimshankar, we saw them being placed on a cemented block. Found this very different! 

The long lean road while on the way to Bhimshankar looks so welcoming without any traffic mainly due to the nonseasonal visit we had been onto. 

On the way to Bhimshankar from Shirdi, found this different landscape and clicked from car. It was in the month of April that we had been on this trip and it was a lonely way for a long distance.

The aerial prop routs of the Banyan tree were cut to let the vehicles pass from under them. Good idea not to cut them totally but to let them exist! 

#2016 @On the way to/from Bhimshankar, Maharashtra, India

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