Apr 14, 2017

The fan-ism-trap!

It's important to understand certain things to stay away from them to the possible extent. I took a lot of time, though less time relatively, to understand one of the deepest traps the current generation is stuck with, which is fan-ism. 

Not being a fan 
Is being truesome 
To the art, sport,
For that matter 
To any person.

Fan simply means an admirer in its true sense. The problem starts when admiration is taken personally. When we admire a person we admire certain qualities of him or her because we tend  to identify ourselves with those qualities for some reasons. Slowly steadily, sometimes briskly too, we commit ourselves to the deepest level of admiration, that we fail to differentiate or analyse fairly of what's right and what's not, what's better and what's not. That's when we enter the highly fantasized trap of our generation called fan-ism.

Coming out of fan-ism takes realization about being truesome to someone by being open enough to see things the way they are. Hence letting the other person too do things the way they are supposed to be done rather than tweaking them for fans, which may appear entertaining them whereas it could at times mean taking them for a ride.

The debates and critical remarks about each other's favorite persons is one of the terrible scene to be at. The people who discuss have no connection with their favorite persons, except the emotional element usually. Still, the discussion can lead to as miserable situation as an ugly fight. What's the fun! The next day in media, the two celebrities join hands to make money and these two fans lose each other for life in some cases! Well, it's not easy to explain all that in few paragraphs. Introspection is the only lead towards the ultimate realization. Until then whatever said and heard seem impractical or hypocrisy!

Not being addicted to something or someone lets us be open to enjoy a few things or people. All that we need to do is to stay inward, question ourselves about our favoritism and try to answer ourselves the 'so what' element of it! What we do is the contribution we make, not whom we merely follow or be favorite to. Admiration shall never be taken personally. It shall be kept at its place at a certain distance so that it can only motivate and not make us go blind. Such a kind of admiration must be developed towards the people we feel connected to. And that really helps. 

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