Apr 2, 2017

The magical Kolaba fort - PramsPhotography #100

One can reach the fort by walking across the sea! The otherwise sea gets behind the fort in the morning to let the tourists walk across. That's the most magical way of inviting the tourists, probably! The sand in the beach is so smooth that walking without slippers appears no more an option but the helplessness. 

When the water level is a bit high, one can have a horse ride to reach the fort. One horse is tied with a six seat trailer. At times the water level could be up-to the neck of the horse and that particular ride could prove to be the most fearsome!

When we started from the shore to the fort this was the water level. We spent 45 minutes inside the fort and came out to start back. That's when we noticed that many people were actually walking across the path and reaching the fort. The water level that we saw earlier could no more be seen. Instead, the water receded to an unbelievable extent. The second image from top gives this perspective better. Inside the fort, we saw the Firangi directed towards the sea; probably to counter the attack from the sea side! 

#2017 @Kolaba fort, Alibaug, India

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