May 29, 2017

Movie: Sachin - A Billion Dreams

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There couldn't have been a suitable tag line than "A Billion Dreams" to this heartfully made docudrama. The genuinity I felt in Sachin's voice throughout the narration is some thing I will remember for a long time. Watching the life events of the player I grew up admiring made me relive and feel nostalgic about some of my own moments. The role of every individual in the success of one of the phenomenal players ever has been depicted in a heart warming way. Thanks to the background score of A.R.Rehman which kept the spirit up right throughout the drama.

Well, a proper movie could have further justified it's release across nations in multiple screens as the quest here is not as difficult as finding the right casting for a biopic on Aishwarya Rai! Could have been better picturized, better casted, and better screen played! This one is not for a cinema lover I guess. At some frames, I even felt neglected as an audience; may be my perception but that's what I perceived truly.

All in all, the docudrama is sounded as grounded as Sachin has been. It's about the inspiring journey of an individual who became a phenomenon. A lot to learn from; and a lot circumstances to fall in place to witness another of his kind coming up in any sport in India.

May 2, 2017

Bahubali2 - Nothing less than a historical conclusion

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A never-before experience I've had with this film is that I watched it twice with family in theaters, both times in full awe. It felt so incomplete until I watched it again! That's probably because, I watched it as a well-wisher for the first time who would want every scene to be good enough. And second time, I watched it as a freed-out audience who knew it was good anyway and the only job at hand was to enjoy every bit of it.

No spoilers ahead; only temptations!

When 'Amarendra Bahubali' proposes his love and bends his head down in a sweet gesture, when 'Devasena' steps into the boat by stepping over the shoulders of her love interest, when that last question is posed to Kattappa before he agrees to kill 'Bahubali', when 'Amarendra Bahubali' takes oath amidst his roaring people, when the ultimate punishment is given for molesting women, when the last words are said by 'Amarendra Bahubali' after stabbed, when the shivering hands touch another's feet in great shame, and so on times, I loved myself for being a follower of 'Bahubali' movie mania all throughout​; loved the cast, crew and characterization of course.

Records set by 'Bahubali' will be eventually rewritten in time, but the whole experiential thing that 'Bahubali' made us go through will be remembered for a long time, probably forever.

Needless to say anything to those who have watched this movie already. But to those who haven't watched it yet, please watch both the parts, not because it's a stupendous hit now, but because you will love yourselves for witnessing larger-than-life characterizations. And, remember NOT TO JUDGE to enjoy the movie to the fullest.

Finest performances have been delivered on screen by the artists and off screen by the technicians including the director himself. Hats off to the guts of the producers; not to forget -  they decided to do this picture when 'Bahubali' was just a script. Thinking through future is so important to conceptualize such humongous projects. Glad the team pulled it through successfully.

In the history of cinema, there have been very few movies which lived up to the hype and expectations. It's an absolute proud moment to the team 'Bahubali' that their master piece is one such a film which will stand tall in time.

Take a bow SS Rajamouli and team for the historical conclusion!