Aug 1, 2017

August 1st and the nine years at work!

August 1st marks the completion of nine years for me at work, at Tata Motors.

Reading sports news
To following technology news,

Hanging out with friends
To having fun with colleagues,

Shedding tears in farewells
To hiding back tears while delivering the farewell note,

Working on weekends
To hanging out on weekends,

Having lunch-table-full of friends
To having to go to lunch alone at times,

Debating on every topic under the sun
To realizing not all topics are worthwhile,

Believing in everything said and shown
To understanding the importance of reading between the lines,

Getting personal
To being professional,

A lot has changed. Life has changed, towards better and better in many aspects, and towards realization in some other. 

Credit to the people came, gone and stood by. Credit to the situations said 'hi'. Looking forward for much more change and many more memories in the years to come. 

Welcoming the first of the decade-mark in all hope and enthusiasm. 

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