Aug 27, 2017

Comparison is the killer!

Ever since I read this, I've been on an introspection note. How truly said and intelligently too! We always end up comparing ourselves with the ones around us and that too in the matters that we think are important for us. For some, money is important. For some, fame is important. For some, peace is important. For some, winning is important. For some, kids are important. For some, friends are important and so on. We all compare ourselves with someone close by, in the given matter of our interest, rather important, at the current time. That's the reality of how we are living and not necessarily how life shall exist. 

Having said that, comparison is a double edged sword. At times we feel relaxed after comparing ourselves with someone we think are inferior to us in a given matter at a given point of time. For the moment to pass on, we move on thinking that we are better off. At least. But reality keeps coming back at us every now and then. The other side of the sword is so sharp that it's unavoidable to not get hurt, no matter what. 

Well, it's not difficult to avoid the other side of the sword. But for that, we must learn to handle the convenient side of the sword too. We must stop comparing ourselves with those we feel inferior to us to be able to win over ourselves comparing with those who we think are superior to us. Any form of comparison, irrespective of it helping us in relaxing or letting us irritate ourselves, is not in the best interest of anybody. 

Comparison is indeed a killer of happiness. If we compare ourselves with the inferior people according to us, it endangers in the form of silent killing. And if we compare with superior ones, again according to our understanding, it may rather will results into a quick killer of our happiness. 

Let us not compare ourselves with anyone else. Rather, let's compare ourselves with what we wish to become one day. It at least will result into something positive. Anyway we do not compare ourselves with someone who has really achieved something. We generally compare ourselves with either a team mate, or a batch mate or a colleague or a friend. We get motivated when we think about someone achieved great heights in their field and instead of getting inspired, we get at times worried when our neighbor wins something. This leads no where. 

We all know that all this leads no where. But we become helpless and desperate at times. That's quite human. However, we can be better human beings and we will be deserving this planet in a better way when we motivate ourselves with every achievement we see. Be it of a great sport personality or be it of our neighbor. We anyway do not live each other's lives. We live ours. Everyone lives theirs. No point standing head to head. 
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Let's stand together. In every step; in every moment. Let's lead life somewhere. Together. 

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