Nov 5, 2017

Acceptance and agreement are two different things!

Ask, not just to know what's said but also to know how's it said. 

We never know when we may have to answer someone on similar lines and answering is not the game everyone can succeed playing fair! 

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We must keep asking, sometimes others and sometimes ourselves. When we have to answer ourselves, it's important to take time, have an outlook and look from within. When we are on the receiving side of the answer, we must have an absolutely open mind such that we understand and accept the way the other person puts things into perspective. Accepting a perspective and agreeing to it are two different things. Acceptance does not necessarily mean an agreement every time. Agreeing to disagree is yet another way of acceptance and a nobler one too! While we understand that we may not have to agree necessarily to what we are told, we must accept the fact that the answer that we give to others, in time, might not be agreed upon too! However, accepting what we get to hear, the way it is , makes us free from having hard feelings that we otherwise end up developing. When we answer someone, we have a little say in letting the other person accept what we say, irrespective of an agreement. Nonetheless, whatever is that we can do to improve the acceptance levels of the other person, we must do so. 

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KParthasarathi said...

You have brought out the subtle but significant difference between acceptance and agreement.One needs to read twice to comprehend the difference.
I hardly see you visiting my blog!!