Feb 18, 2017

Defining value... Take Home #623

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Neither occupation nor designation define our value. How we treat others does.

Proving to oneself... Take Home #622

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Proving to oneself is not the ultimate achievement but the basic need!

Dominate vs surrender... Take Home #621

It's a myth that people dominate. Actually, people surrender; sometimes to circumstances and sometimes to love!
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How we accomplish... Take Home #620

What we know is appreciated. How we accomplish is remembered.

Priorities... Take Home #619

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The easiest way to manage or love people is to know their priorities.

Reality... Take Home #618

The less time we take to accept reality, the more time we allow ourselves to face it.

Reality can only be faced not postponed!

No pampering... Take Home #617

Contemplation helps better than pampering, provided it's constructive and contextual.

Accept challenge... Take Home #616

Accept every challenge and be willing to either learn lessons or accumulate memories.

Greater responsibility... Take Home #615

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Greater beginning brings greater responsibility. Never lose a chance to fulfill it.